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Wednesday – June 8 2011

This week’s show was full of the usual Wednesday Morning antiques.

We started out with another installment of Love Psychology by our very own Mercedes.

Followed by our fave tunes by some Canadian artists.

The Headlines courtesy of Democracy Now.

Followed by the Bike Report, live from the streets of Montreal…

This week also featured a very special live interview with Sarah Spring about the Cinema Parallele.

Remember to listen to CKUT radio 90.3 fm and we will be back next week with another episode of WMA.



WMA May 25, 2011

Wednesday is upon us…

705 Mercedes kicked off the show with a Love Psychology  installment

725 We have an interview with fellow CKUT member Nadesh about the upcoming Fringe Festival

800 Let’s hear the Headlines… Democracy Now

815 Bike Report with Tom… live from the streets of Montreal

820 Part two of an interview with Franklin Lopez about his new film End:Civ. You can catch part one in the Off the Hour archive here

845 We are ending the show with a live interview with the crew of the St Henri Flim

Here is to another great show, check out past shows here and remember to stay locked into CKUT 90.3 fm.

Another Wednesday, another amazing show!

705 Piece on Place St Henri courtesy of Nicole Ebert

800 Democracy Now Headlines

815  Bike Report with Tom – Live from the streets of Montreal…

820 A very special live Love Psychology, featuring Mercedes and her partner

840 Hip Hop in Japan: Lisa Tang interviews Toshiya Ueno

Toshiya Ueno  is a professor of cultural studies, media theory, and the history of social thought in the Department of Expressive Cultures and Transcultural Studies at Wakô University in Tokyo, and he also teaches in the Department of East Asian Studies at McGill University.  Professor Ueno is well known as the author of a number of major books, including Red Metal Suits: Anime as War Zone (1998) and Urban Tribal Studies: A Sociology of Party Club Culture (2005).   He is also the author of “Kurenai no metalsuits, “Anime to wa nani ka/What is animation,” translated by Michael Arnold and published in the journal Mechademia, Volume 1.  Prof. Ueno has also published Japanese translations of works such as Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic:  Modernity and Double Consciousness and Ian Condry’s Hip-Hop Japan:  Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalization. He is also a DJ. Prof. Ueno is currently in Montréal, so we were able to welcome him into the CKUT studios for this interview. 

We will be back next week so stay tuned and keep listening to CKUT 90.3 fm!

Wednesday Morning After – May 4

It’s Wednesday week, oooooooooo…

710 This week things are moving and shaking starting out with Mercedes’ Love Psychology.

725 Tonight @ Casa Del Popolo Valleymakers, Chris Durning and Portrait of a Lady.

730 Adam Wheeler interviews Jodi Kim.
Jodi Kim, an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California Riverside, is the author of the book Ends of Empire: Asian American Critique and the Cold War, which was published by University of Minnesota Press in 2010.  In her book she examines Asian American cultural production (such as novels and films)  that “shift, reframe, and critically extend dominant interpretations of the Cold War by staging the Cold War as a geopolitical, cultural, and epistemological project of gendered racial formation and imperialism undergirding U.S. global hegemony, and by making visible the centrality of Asia to that project.” Having earned her PhD at the University of California Berkeley in 2004, Professor Jodi Kim is interested in teaching Asian American and Asian Diasporic Literature, Film, and Visual Art, Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Studies, Cultural Studies, and Critical Theory.

800 Democracy Now headlines

810 Dan Mangan @ Sala Rossa tonight

815 Bike Report with Tom  – Live from the streets of Montreal…

820 A Winter’s Tale – Story Time with Kathleen Winter

Ariel follows up on another morning after interview with writer Kathleen Winter at the Blue Metropolis festival.  She talks about her book Annabel, the festival and her own writing influences.

830 The First Lady of Hardcore

845 Film segment with Sami

Wednesday Morning After APRIL 13th

Happy wednesday week!

This morning on the show…

Love Psychology with Mercedes – Why do nearly half of all people have a fear of attachemnt?  Isn’t this evolutionary madness?!? Mercedes explains.

WINGS (Arcas, Vancouver) – produced by Frieda Werden

Women in Ghana look ahead to the election. Canada ranks 52nd among 113 countries ranked based on representation of women in parliament –  Ghana ranks 111th.  Ghana’s democratic process is highly regarded and has an engaged media, but still, accusations of corruption plague the government and the electoral process.  In this episode women in Ghana discuss the problem and causes behind the lack of women’s role in parliament.

Song: Creep On Creepin’ On – Timber Timbre

Democracy Now

Song: Black Night – The Dodos

Bike report with Tom “Live from the streets of Montreal…”

Bucky Buckaw: Little Women of little Compton Coop

song: Sara – Chad Vangaalern

Story Time: Here Be Poetry (Yaar)

It’s National poetry month and there is some poetry pandemonium happening on Sunday.

Tomorrow, Here Be Monsters is launching the fifth issue of their short story collection.

Mercedes’s Film Preview AND Sami is back (from a three month hiatus) and he has more film news to keep you in the cinematic know. Check out the films Sami mentioned, including MTL -Punk.

Wednesday Morning After

It’s a very special Wednesday week with…Margo!  She’s back and in full form to deliver the weather with her usual charm.

7:10 Mercedes on Love – regular series on Love psychology presented by Mercedes.

7:20 Weather with Margo!

7:30 jhr radio

“Journalists for Human Rights works with the media around the world to make sure every one, everywhere is aware of their rights. Here at jhr radio Concordia we allow an open flow and conversation of ideas.  We begin the practice of human rights at home in the newsroom.”

To listen to this week’s podcast or previous jhr episodes you can visit Concordia’s jhr blog.

This week’s episode is hosted by Arndell Leblanc, our regular technical producer on the show.

First up, Adam Bemma speaks with Professor David Protess from Northwestern University.  Protess along with a group of dedicated  journalism students that worked on the the Medill Innocence Project that has uncovered evidence to free 11 innocent men, five of them on death row in the state of Illinois.  Due to their work, a moratorium on capital punishment was put in place, until the governor
abolished the death penalty outright on March 9.

Correspondent Joey Grihalva presents a lecture from the forum on Conflict Minerals and their role in inciting political unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The speakers include Danish filmmaker of Blood in the Mobile Frank Poulsen; Canadian Member of Parliament from Ottawa responsible for Bill C-571, the “Trade in Conflict Minerals Act”, Paul Dewar; Canadian Author of Noir Canada Alain Deneault, and Congolese activistKambalé Musavuli. The forum is to be hosted by CICC and Concordia Political Science associate professor Dr. Leander Schneider.

Arndell promotes some upcoming events toward the end of the episode including the jhr Concordia Art show:

8:00 Democracy Now

8:10 song: What the world needs now is day, Steve day – The Youjsh

The Youjsh performed at last night’s Maisonnneuve magazine‘s spring issue launch.

8:15 Bike Report with Tom “live from the streets of Montreal…”

8:20 Bucky Buckaw‘s backyard chicken broadcast

8:30 story time – Who was Shakespeare, really?

John Florio The Man Who Was Shakespeare,” a book by Lamberto Tassinari presents a possible new candidate for the author of the Shakespeare plays. Journalist and writer Robert Richard discusses the book and it’s implications in reading Shakespeare.

8:50 Mercedes on Film – weekly film preview

Wednesday Morning After – March 23

This Wednesday week…


Truphena recorded her first segment at McGill’s Freaky Fridays, a series dedicated to busting scientific myths. Dr. Murray Humphries talked about blood suckers and the animals that feed upon us.  We played part one (leeches) in the first hour and part two (hook worms and vampire bats) in the second hour.  Humphries also talked about human bloodsuckers, like the Maasai tribe in Kenya who mix livestock blood with milk for protein.

jhr radio

This week Adam Bemma visits the Afghan Women’s Centre. At Montreal’s Afghan Women’s Centre, Makai Aref has organized a catering service to empower a group of local Afghan women. As a former girl’s school principal in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aref sees women’s empowerment and education as the way to create a better society in her war-torn homeland.

Ariel Fournier speaks with Dr. Shirley Steinberg and Sameer Zuberi on the upcoming equity and the media conference and their panel discussion Exposed: The role of the media in promoting Islamophobia.  The discussion will be moderated by CKUT’s very own Caravan host Samaa Elibyari.

This episode also features protest songs in solidarity with the police brutality rally on March 17.  The episode was hosted by jhr members Joey Grihalva and Adam Bemma and produced by Arndell Leblanc.

As always Democracy Now headlines coming to you…live from New York!

Mercedes on Film (featuring the Quebequois classic “Si j’avais un Char”)

Harpist, Olga Gross, and Mezzo Soprano, Claudine Ledoux were in studio to talk about their newly released album Apres Le Jour.  The lovely ladies also discussed their music video (as seen above).


Comedians Chris Betts and Shawn Hogan join us in studio to discuss their show Liar, Liar at the Belmont, on Thursday, March 24.