The Monday Morning After – December 17, 2012

Comment la mort est revenue à la vie. Story by Muriel Bloch. Illustrations by ATAK.

Hosts: Cam Novak, Taylor Tower
Tech: Cam Novak
Contributors: Jen Bieber, Julie Delporte

First Hour
This week on The Monday Morning After we have an interview with Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux about his book Dialogues fantasques pour causeurs éperdus. Leroux is an associate professor in both the Department of English and Département d’études françaises at Concordia University in Montreal. Dialogues fantasques pour causeurs éperdus combines dramatic dialogues with thoughts on the creative process, giving readers a new take on what it means to create as both an artistic and academic exercise.

Plus contributor Jen Bieber brings us an interview with Tye Hunt, Operations Manager with Compost Montreal. They spoke about the messy science of composting and how Compost Montreal helps food scraps find a useful place to rest.

Then illustrator and author Julie Delporte reviews Comme la vie est revenue a la vie, a children’s book by Muriel Bloch and illustrated by German artist ATAK.

The Second Hour
We bring you the headlines from Democracy Now! and an interview with Lisa Gamble (Gambletron), co-curator of Objet Inusité: International Summit on Audio Art on at Eastern Bloc from December 19-22.

And it’s over to Cam for this week’s Bike Lane! Stay in touch by calling in-studio at 514.448.4013 or email

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