The Monday Morning After – November 19, 2012

Hosts: Taylor Tower, Jen Bieber, Farid Rener
Tech: Taylor Tower
Music Compiled By: Cam Novak

First Hour
Farid Rener
brings us an interview with the author Marcello di Cintio about his new book Walls: Travels Along the Barricades, which explores the walls around the world that divide us and try to define us.

Then it’s my interview with local comic hero Bernie Mireault, long-time Montreal comic artist who recently released his epic To Get Her, 8 years in the making.

Second Hour:
The headlines from Democracy Now! plus an inspirational talk from Ira Glass.  Then it’s Jen Bieber’s Expozine round-up, featuring Hayley Lewis, Jamie Ross, Jamie QJonathan Reid Sevigny, Jesse Gordon, Walter Scott, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Talia Lee, and Andrea Flockhart.

And S. Ayton joined us in studio to perform some of her lovely, enchanting, intoxicatingly beautiful music. But that’s just my opinion. Check her out.

There are events! Check them out!
Theatre Ste Catherine presents: Loucho, The Multicoloured Machine
November 22nd-December 2nd

Edge of the City presents the Launch of No More Radio, Montreal’s First Podcast Network with Ira Lee and The Bawdy Electric
Saturday, November 24th, 9:30pm
Montreal Improv, 3713 St Laurent

The Youjsh at Resonance Café
Saturday, November 24th, 8:30pm

Official launch of “Pinkerton” by Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and François Samson-Dunlop
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Casa del popolo, 4873 St Laurent

Jamie Ross Vernissage
Aparition of the North: SKOL
November 30th
Centres des Arts Actuals, 372 St Catherine Ouest

Jamie Q
The Possibilities are Endless
Vernissage – Friday November 23rd
Monastiraki, 5478 St-Laurent

Stay tuned for updates from Cam Novak about new Bike Lane segments, and get in touch with us at


2 thoughts on “The Monday Morning After – November 19, 2012

  1. […] After” show. You can find the interview, complete with spooky background music, on the site here. My interview comes at the 17 minute mark of the first […]

  2. okay this is a bit ridiculous of me but what can i say, i’m a huge fan of sarah both as a person and a musician, and had some free time on my lunch hour… so i hope it’s okay that i uploaded a clipped version of your interview with her to soundcloud, with credit of course.

    if it’s not okay i can take it down!

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