The Monday Morning After – November 12, 2012

Hosts: Taylor Tower, Jen Bieber
Tech: Taylor Tower
Music Compiled By: Cam Novak

The First Hour
Jen Bieber’s interview with Ben Boudreau, who helped change the preferred name policy at Concordia¬†University, which now allows trans and gender non-conforming students to use their preferred name throughout their university education. Then we go to my interview with author and activist Justin Podur about his new book Haiti’s New Dictatorship: The Coup, the Earthquake, and the UN Occupation.

The Second Hour
Headlines from Democracy Now! and excerpts from a reading by local artists Julie Delporte and Sophie Yanow, both of whom will have work at this year’s Expozine. Plus some bands to catch at M for Montreal, happening November 14-17th. Then we go to a live interview with Liam O’Neill, drummer in the band Suuns, to talk about their upcoming show as part of M for Montreal this Friday, November 16th, their new album, and those pesky dopplegangers.

Like the interview you heard with Suuns’ Liam O’Neill? Liked the exclusive songs from the new album that I played even more? Read a review on Pitchfork and listen to Edie’s Dream, the second tune I played. Oh, and that’s me looking disenchanted on the cover. Wondering why I’m so good at it? Look no further than Portlandia. Born and bred Portlanders know how to look pensive and mildly disillusioned.

Oh, and this is incredible.


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