The Monday Morning After – Your Fate is Sealed with Invisible Ink, an original radio drama

Orson Welles recording for The Mercury Theatre on the Air.

Yesterday The Monday Morning After crew broadcasted live from le dépanneur café in Mile End. I premiered my first-ever radio drama, Your Fate is Sealed with Invisible Ink, to a lovely and attentive crowd. I’m happy to share the audio of the drama with you on the 74th anniversary of Orson Welles and The Mercury Theatre on the Air’s performance of The War of the Worlds on CBS radio. The drama was so convincing as a collection of news bulletins that many listeners thought the world was really being invaded by aliens. Listen to this classic piece and all other Mercury Theatre on the Air pieces here.

I don’t think my drama will fool you, but I hope it makes you laugh. Thanks to CKUT 90.3FM for giving me the opportunity to do this and to my lovely actors Matt Goldberg, Jean-Marc LeBlanc, Jen Bieber, Liam Byrne, James Soares-Correia and to Tony Ezzy for the intro and extro music. Our show is only $60 away from reaching our goal. You can go here to donate online.

And if you want to try your hand at making radio drama, here are some amazingly useful links:
BBC: How to Write a Radio Drama
Radio Drama Revival
Write a Serial Radio Drama for Social Development

Once you’ve got the moxie, why don’t you make it a reality by becoming a volunteer at CKUT or your local radio station?


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