The Monday Morning After – LIVE Café Broadcast from le dépanneur café! Oct 29, 2012

Hosts: Cam Novak, Taylor Tower
Contributors: Liz Pieries, Jen Bieber
Special Guests: Matt Goldberg, Gerard Harris, OMEN + more!

The First Hour

For this very special live café broadcast, I bring you an original radio drama for Halloween. The story of a retired horror film special effects wizard, his quirky 12-year-old daughter, the forces of evil, and a crystal that holds the power to control the universe. Starring Matt Goldberg, Jean-Marc LeBlanc, myself and luminaries of the Montreal radio world.

Then we go to a spooky story from comedian and storyteller extraordinaire Gerard Harris. Gerard tells us a tale of a haunted Montreal apartment that nearly gobbled him up.

Cam speaks with local graffiti artist OMEN to talk about the Montreal arts scene and the importance of graffiti.

The Second Hour

Amy Goodman gives us the headlines from Democracy Now! and we give away TREATS to those willing to donate $5 or more to Montreal’s favorite people-powered radio station. Then Cam speaks with the folks of Citizen Vintage about the one-of-a-kind fashion scene in Montreal and the popularity of vintage threads.

And what do you know? That takes us right into THE BIKE LANE!

Please PLEASE join us for this very special episode of The Monday Morning After at le dépanneur café, live and in your face at 206 Bernard Ouest, across the street from Drawn & Quarterly book store. Coffee, a radio made out of cardboard, me and Cam IN THE FLESH, special Montreal celebrity guests, and so much more!


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