The Monday Morning After – October 22, 2012

Hosts: Taylor Tower, Cam Novak
Tech: Cam Novak

The Show!
First Hour
Listen to the first hour:
We welcome Colin Power and Martin Heslop, local musicians and business owners, to talk about Resonance Cafe, their new space on Parc and Fairmont that features emerging and innovative Montreal music, delicious coffee, and vegan fare. Check out their Facebook here, and visit them at 5175A ave du Parc.

Plus my promo for my original radio drama, created for CKUT’s 25th anniversary and the station’s annual funding drive. The play will be performed LIVE at Le depanneur cafe, 206 Bernard Ouest, at 7am on Monday, October 29th! Stop by and check it out. We’ve got a huge show planned and we’d love to see you there, showing your support for people-powered radio in its 25th year!

Your Fate is Sealed with Invisible Ink

The 2nd Hour
Listen to the 2nd hour:
The headlines from Democracy Now! plus we welcome Anaise Camilien and Léa Jeanmougian of Citta Magazine to talk about this new magazine that focuses on art, culture and design. Don’t miss the launch this Wednesday, October 24th at La Founderie, 6596 St Laurent from 6-10pm. For $12, you get the magazine AND a beer!

Plus The Bike Lane!


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