Friday’s Show Notes – Oct. 5, 2012

Show Credits

  • Hosts: Joshua Hind, Ken McMurray
  • Contributors: Adam Bemma, Flavia Mosca
  • Music Producer: Amie Watson
  • On-Air Production: Joshua Hind

On this week’s show…

  • The return of O Stories;
  • CityTalk on the alternative history of Montreal;
  • Municipal Headlines tackles a large news story, you may have heard about it…;
  • The Action Items describes an anti-backlash-backlash;
  • Plus music and more…

7:07: Music: Alaclair Ensemble – “Teflon Don”

7:11: O Stories

  • O Stories is a bi-monthly radio program produced by Concordia’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.
  • This week, an interview with author Afsaneh Hojabri about her new e-book “A Sip, a Bite, a Mouthful: A Memoir of Food and Growing Up in Shiraz”

7:34: Music: d’Eon – “Transparency”

7:40: #CityTalk

  • This week on #CityTalk an interview with Mychele Fortin, the Executive Director of L’Autre Montreal. It’s a group that organizes tours in French to teach people an “alternative history” of Montreal (sometimes in English).

8:16: Municipal Headlines

8:33: Music: Brie Nielson and her Other Men – “Now I Know”

8:38: Interview: Flavia Mosca

  • CLASSE and other organizations are calling for witness reports of police activity during student strike by October 15th. CKUT’s Flavia Mosca speaks with Dominique Pechard president Ligue Droits et libertes.

8:38: Action Items



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