The Monday Morning After – August 27, 2012

Host: Cam Novak

Tech: Cam Novak

Blog: Roxane Le Corre

This Week:

–       Taylor interview’s Hilary McGown from the Grumman ’78 Taco Truck

–       Democracy Now Headlines

–       The Bike Lane

First Hour:

–       Taylor interview’s Hilary McGown, co-founder of the Grumman ’78 Taco Truck. With an English literature undergraduate degree and a degree in fine dining from the George Brown College, Hilary’s chosen path was Tacos. She talks about what it is that pushed her towards this choice, and the things she likes about a moveable food service. You can find Grumman ‘78 around the city at festivals and events, and next week specifically at Piknic Electronik.

For more details, check out their website:

Second Hour:

–       Democracy Now Headlines (

–       The Bike Lane

– Cam talks to David Sheppard about his reactions to Michael Bryant’snew book, 28 Seconds: A True Story of Addiction, Injustice and Tragedy. David’s brother, Darcy Sheppard, was accidentally killed in 2009 during an altercation with Michael Bryant (former attorney general to Ontario). While Michael Bryant speaks of his experience and the impact this tragedy had on his life, David and his family want to make sure that both sides of the story are remembered. They do not feel that Bryant’s account appropriately reflects what happened and have elected to boycott this book.

To learn more about this, you can check out the facebook page:

– Cam talks about the upcoming bicycle film festival at Cinema du Park. This weekend, you can go check out bike-related films and follow it with some biking! Get details at

To contact Cam, you can e-mail him, look for him on twitter (@thecyclebird), or find the Bike Lane on facebook. 


–       Keadz, Carte Bleu Visage (Review: Four Tet)

–       ESKMO, We Have Invisible Friends (ESKMO)

–       Marble Sound, The Time to Sleep (Nice is good)

–       BirdyMan, Where does Your Mind Go

–       Foals Talking, Antidote Full Album

–       Sinead Ocamnor, Nothing Conquesto You (I do not want what I haven’t got)

–       Memory House, Old Haunts

–       Emily and the Woods, Steal his heart (EP)

–       John Hopkins, Fading Blow

–       Memory House, Bonfire

–       Player, Baby Come Back


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