Friday’s Show Notes – Aug. 17, 2012

Show Credits

  • Host: Joshua Hind
  • Contributors: Candace Mooers, Adam Bemma
  • Music Producer: Amie Watson
  • On-Air Production: Joshua Hind

On this week’s show…

  • A segment on the price of offshore tax havens;
  • Candace interviews Ryan from the annual Queer Between the Covers Bookfair;
  • Adam Bemma’s CityTalk talks to Peter McGill about an initiative called Quartier 21;
  • Interview with Amy Barrington, coordinator of Concordia University’s new farmers market, Marché Locale;
  • Election Roundtable talking GND resignation, the rise of the CAQ and the effect of the protests;
  • Plus election news, music, and more…

7:07: Music: The Hawks – “Eclipsed”

7:12: The Price of Offshore Tax Havens

  • The wealthy of the world have trillions of dollars in assets hidden in offshore accounts or tax havens. These is one of the findings of a recent report called The Price of Offshore revisited. We speak with James Henry, economist, lawyer and board member of the Tax Justice Network.

7:28: Election News w/ Josh

7:39: Veil of Maya – “Vicious Circles”

7:45: Interview with Amy Barrington

  • Amy Barrington is the coordinator Concordia University’s new farmers market called Marché Locale. It’s the organization’s first year and it’s based around a few groups that have already worked with or currently work with Concordia. Amy did Sustainable Concordia’s City Farm school last year – a multi-day program that teaches the basics of everything from composting and pest control, to plant rotation and biodiversity. She’s been working with Action Communiterre for over a year and eats a lot of veggies from local organic farm, Les Jardins de la Resistance.

8:14: Music: The Loodies – “Coline”

8:17: CityTalk

  • This week, CityTalk features an interview with Eco-Quartier Peter McGill about an initiative they’re starting called Quartier 21, near Concordia. It’s a green alleyway project to combat the heat island effect downtown.

8:35: Music: 

  • From the album: 

8:40: Interview Queer Between the Covers Bookfair


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