Monday Morning After – August 13, 2012

  • Hosts: Taylor Tower and Cam Novak
  • Tech: Cam Novak
  • Blog: Roxane Le Corre

This Week’s show:

  • Live in studio with Belooga Joe about comics and comedy
  • Live in studio with Lucie Lederhendler of Studio Beluga
  • Live in studio with Maille à Part
  • The Bike Lane

First Hour

In-Studio Guests

–       Belooga Joe to talk comics and comedy.

–       Lucie Lederhendler and Alina Maizel of Studio Béluga talk about the idea behind the studio and what’s coming up.

Studio Béluga is a collectively run art space established with the goal of facilitating artists and curators, and forming a self-pedagogical creative community. Check out the studio this Saturday the 18th at 7 PM for their final Vernissage (160 st. Viateur East).

Second Hour

–       Democracy Now (

–       In-Studio with yarnbombing collective Maille à Part, talking knitting, art and activism.


Other Montreal activist art collectives you might want to check out:

Howl Arts Collective (

Volatile Works (

–       Cam’s Bike Lane

Reading and discussion of H.G. Wells’ “A Perfect Gentleman on Wheels.”

Check out the latest from Cam on all things bike-related at


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