Monday Morning After – August 6, 2012

  • Hosts: Cam Novak and Taylor Tower
  • Tech: Cam Novak
  • Blog: Roxane Le Corre

On this week’s show:

  • –       Taylor interviews saxophone player Anna Webber
  • –       Live in-studio with Elisha Lim, and Alexis Musanganya and Marseau Maxwell from 2-qtpocmontréal
  • –       Margo’s Monthly Weather Report
  • –       Cam’s The Bike Lane

First Hour

–       New York-based flute and saxophone player Anna Webber (telephone interview, live) about her show at Casa del popolo, Sunday August 12th, 4873 Boulevard St-Laurent.

Doors 8:30, show 9pm, $8 cover, featuring: Anna Webber – tenor sax, flute; Erik Hove – alto sax; J-S Williams – guitar and Phil Melanson – drums with opener Booker Stardrum; solo drums.

Facebook event:

–       Live in studio with:

Elisha Lim, curator and director of 2-qtpoc Montréal (part of the festival pervers/cité) –

Alexis Musanganya, Executive Director of African Rainbow (

Marseau Maxwell, organizer of 2-qtpoc events Disqchromatique and Captivating Flavours (full line-up at

Proudly dedicated to 2-spirited, queer and trans people of colour, 2-qtpocmontréal is an art show, a lecture series and a revelation, looking at the history of 2-qtpoc in Montréal. 2-qtpocmontréal pays tribute to its predecessors like AGIR, African Rainbow, Ste Emilie Skillshare, and GLAM, and bring these different communities together into a powerful and inspiring racialized pride week. 2-qtpoc will be part of pervers/cité, a flamboyant annual festival of queer and trans politics in Montréal. The six artists that make up 2-qtpocmontréal make art about the absurdity, hate, alienation, and murder that they encounter in their lives, and always triumph and thrive with beauty.

Exhibition, workshops and events : August 10 – 19th, 2012.

Curator’s tour and welcome to art show : Friday August 10th, 7pm.

Opening reception : August 16th, 7pm.

Check out the links to learn more.

Second Hour

–       Headlines from Democracy Now, 8:00-8:15.

–       Margo’s Monthly Weather Segment

It’s mid-summer, so expect mid-summer weather and enjoy BBQs!

Cam’s The Bike Lane.

Round-table discussion about road safety and how we can move forward and make a positive change on the road after last week’s incident.

To keep updated about The Bike Lane, visit the segment’s facebook page:

Contact us at and listen to the podcast at


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