Friday’s Show Notes – May 18, 2012

Show Credits

  • Hosts: Joshua Hind, Sara Shaltony, Rana Alrabi, Adam Bemma
  • Special Contributors: Red Eye Radio
  • Music Producer: Amie Watson
  • On-Air Production: Joshua Hind

On this week’s show…

  • An interview w/ the creators of Mayday, the comic book.
  • Adam Bemma’s CityTalk
  • Sara reports from the DeGrowth Conference
  • The Action Items
  • Music and more…

7:08: Music: Beastie Boys – “Shake Your Rump”

7:13: Mayday: A Graphic History of Protest 

  • Mayday: A Graphic History of Protest is the title of a new comic produced by the Graphic History collective. It traces the history of Mayday from its beginning in the late 1800s to its expression in Canada today. Writer Robin Folvik and illustrator Sam Bradd talk about the comic and the process of creating it.

7:28: Jay Nash – “Sweet Talking Liar”

7:37: CityTalk

8:18: Music: Broadcaster – “Vacation Days”

8:23: Sara’s report from the DeGrowth Conference

8:40: Music: Cop Car Bonfire – “Mo Me Meh ha”

8:45: Action Items:


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