The Monday Morning After, May 14th 2012

We’re back! It’s The Monday Morning After for Monday, May 14th. Here’s a rundown of what we had on the menu this week:

First Hour:
An interview with writer, editor, teacher Jon Paul Fiorentino. Jon Paul teaches creative writing at Concordia University and has edited 20 books. He is the author of Stripmalling, which was shortlisted for the 2009 Hugh MacLennan Award for Fiction. His most recent book of poetry, Indexical Elegies, won the 2010 CBC Book Club Award for Best Book of Poetry. Other books include The Theory of the Loser Class, Hello Seratonin, and Asthmatica. He is the editor of Matrix Magazine and Snare Books. Check out his work at He’ll be doing a free lecture at the Centaur Theatre about Canadian cult author Derek McCormack on May 31st at 7pm.

Keith Waterfield & Alain Mercieca on the 7th Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival @ Theatre Ste Catherine

Upcoming Events!

Tuesday May 15th @6pm. Free. Atwater Library Reading Room.
Paul Almond began his career producing and directing over 120 television dramas for the CBC, the BBC, ABC and Granada TV in England (where he created the landmark documentary “7Up”) and many other networks in the U.S. He has written or adapted a dozen plays for television and five screenplays for motion pictures. In 1990 he turned to writing full-time, and has completed the first three books of The Alford Saga, romantic adventures from 1800 to 2000. They are The Deserter (2010), The Survivor (June 2011), and The Pioneer (Fall 2011), all with McArthur and Co.
Argo Open Mic #6
Wednesday May 16, 7pm, free
Argo Bookshop, 1915 Ste. Catherine West
Present your written work and music at the Argo Bookshop’s monthly Open Mic! Poetry, prose, drama, essays and music are all welcome, rough or polished drafts. Tell your friends and family, all are welcome. Doors are open and the sign-up sheet begins at 7pm. The reading will begin at 7:30pm.
Matt Eastwood Reads from Clearwater Crimes Series: The First Two Episodes
Thursday May 17, 7pm, free
Argo Bookshop, 1915 Ste. Catherine West
Writer and photographer Matt Eastwood will be reading from his Clearwater Crimes Series (Second Generation Press), collections of short stories featuring the private investigator Frank Clearwater and his cases with his town’s most deceitful, dangerous and sometimes even comedic criminals. There will be limited edition copies of his book available for $10.
Montreal Carousel
Thursday May 17, 7pm
Drawn & Quarterly: 211 Bernard West
An evening of comics storytelling!
A special Montreal edition of the Carousel lecture series, hosted by R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics). This event will feature Montreal cartoonists Howard Chackowicz (CBC Radio One’s WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein), Julie Delporte (Le Dernier Kilometre), Pascal Girard (Reunion), Billy Mavreas (Inside Outside Overlap), and Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life).
Carousel is a long-running series of slideshow readings by cartoonists and visual artists.
Zines Launch
Friday May 18, 10 to 11:30am
Atwater Library Auditorium: 1200 Atwater Ave.
Come celebrate and support the poetic voices of youth. This event marks the culmination of creative collaboration between the youth from Mountainview High School, writers Larissa and Moe, and writer intern Kadeem. Come and tantalize your ears, your eyes, and your poetic wit at our special launch event. Discover the power of youth voices as they spit their truth on and off the page.
Friday MAY 18TH @ 8pm – Maydays at The Freestanding Room. The Freestanding Room is excited to announce a month-long festival of cabaret events every Friday night this May.
Your favourite Montreal actors sacrifice what’s left of their pride to save our theatre collective. Come and watch their most embarrassing, unexpected, or ancient clips from film, TV, and live theatre. Laugh till you die, come back as a zombie, and feast on the remnants of all our reputations.

Founded in 2008, The Freestanding Room is a theatre co-op made up of actors, writers, directors, and producers who believe that big things can happen in small places. They like a good story and the chance to tell it fast and easy. Together they tend The Freestanding Room, an intimate space used to sharpen their tools, corral their ideas, spin their yarns, and to invite everyone hungry for a tale told simply and authentically to come sit around their fire.

The collective has served as a launching pad for countless pillars of the Montreal theatre community over the years, including events like Confabulation, shows like My Pregnant Brother and Blink Blink Blink, artists like Johanna Nutter, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ned Cox, and Jeremy Taylor, and companies like Sidemart Theatrical Grocery, Village Scene Productions, Zeitgeist Theatre Collective, and Sheep in Fog, among many others.


2nd Hour
Interview with Jon Cohen, creator of the One Man Band Festival.

The Bike Lane!


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  1. Edward Kasimir says:

    This is a very nice show. Taylor Tower is a radio natural. You guys shoul post more blogss, less lengthy and dense though.

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