Friday’s Show Notes – May 11, 2012

Show Credits

  • Hosts: Joshua Hind, Sara Shaltony, Rana Alrabi, Adam Bemma
  • Special Contributors: Karina Vold
  • Music Producer: Amie Watson
  • On-Air Production: Joshua Hind

On this week’s show…

  • An exclusive interview with DJ Bear Witness
  • The Urban Affairs Report
  • The Action Items 
  • An interview with the curator of the new Mile End gallery, Z Gallery
  • Music and more…

7:08: Music: The Tragically Hip – “Ultra Mundane”


  • Yesterday, CKUT’s Karina Vold spoke on the phone with Bear Witness, an Ottawa-based DJ and video artist. Bear Witness is a founding member of the world-renowned aboriginal DJ crew A Tribe Called Red. A Tribe Called Red have been pioneering a new genre of music they call ‘Pow-wow step’, combining traditional native drumming music with dubstep and electronic music. Bear Witness’s video work and music tackles issues of racist representations of Native people. He will be performing in Montreal tonight at Divan Orange along with Mossman, Andy Williams, and Don Pedro.

7:30: Music: Rufus Wainwright – “California”

7:37: The Urban Update

  • We start off with me talking about my experience on Jane’s Walk in Toronto “Retracing Stop Spadina.”
  • It was a four-and-a-half hour tour starting at Eglinton West TTC station and ending at Jane’s home in the Annex. It was excellent. And I wrote about the Jane’s Walks here in Montreal, so I can talk a bit about that as well. There was 52 across the island (more than double from last year).
  • The Queen St. West BIA is now considering improvements discussed at Jane’s Walk:
  • Le Centre d’histoire de Montreal,3088440&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL won the Prix d’excellence for its exhibit “Quartiers disparus.” I had the chance to visit it last summer. So, with this award, one of the “vanished neighbourhoods” the remnants of the ‘Faubourg a m’laisse’ is again being threatened with a condo.

8:18: The Action Items

8:38: Music: Bruce Cockburn  – “Justice”

8:46: Interview: Shahrzad Arshadi


One thought on “Friday’s Show Notes – May 11, 2012

  1. Edward Kasimir says:

    I decided not to contact PETA about the killing that occured in the 1st half of the 2nd hour.

    I would like to hear a hip-off between Adam Bema and Ken McMurray.

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