MMA – March 5, 2012

Producer’s Notes:

Some archives from Fluxy’s show  – learned about the healing properties of blue mountain coffee!

(From 7-7:12 ish)

Then played around with some glitches and silence. Were you listening?

The weather conditions of today : -16 , with windchill -26 with some sunshine

Thank you to the listener who corrected me  , it felt like February but you are indeed right, it’s March!

Alright, on with the show…


Junior Boys – “So Sleep” – In The Morning EP

Here’s another song from the talented jr boys :

Ember Swift – “Float” -Lentic and here’s a video that is opposite in sound …

Hercules and Love Affair- “Easy” – Hercules and Love Affair

WORDS literary segment

Interview by Megan Kaart featuring Brian Willson.

Democracy Now Headlines

Some more music by DJ Brace “NH25” & “NH16” Synesthasia.. enjoy the art ‘n’ music

Weather Observation Conversation with Margo – Think Warm Thoughts…yes it’s getting colder in Spring!

“If there’s any hope for the human species, it draws sustenance from the collective wisdom of Planet Earth’s indigenous people — a highly diverse array of First Nations who’ve come to be dominated, over the course of hundreds of years, by alien forces of a more militarily and technologically powerful nature. But Earth’s native people draw on great inner strength. In their struggle, Earth’s future lies.

This transmission features the voices of: William Dumas, Maria Elena Orona, Mathilda Snache, John Joe Sark, Steve Lawson, Joseph Iron, Art Gordon, Ed Isaac, Napes Ashini, Maxine Caldwell and Lester Howse.”

Events to check out to tantalize your artistic senses!

AmerAsia Festival

Ciné-Asie is a non-profit organization in Québec that serves the Asian-Canadian media arts community. The role of Ciné-Asie is to give a voice to creative works that might be rarely showcased to the local audience. Montreal’s AmérAsia Film Festival celebrates the work of independent filmmakers of Asian-Canadian heritage as well as Asian inspired films.

Oboro ( 4001 Berri)


Sublimation: An Exercise in the ImmersiveExhibition
March 3 – April 7, 2012
Audio Screening
Studio 04
Saturday, March 3, from Noon to 7:30 pm
© Tu M’, 2009

Helen Frosi, France Jobin and Yann Novak

• Exhibition: Mark + Laura Cetilia (US), Ryan Connor (US), Robert Crouch (US), Gary James Joynes/Clinker (CA), Mimosa|Moize (TW/UK), Tu M’ (IT)
• Live Performances:  : Robert Crouch (US), David Kristian (CA), Mimosa|Moize (TW/UK)
• Audio Screening: Katherine Bennett (US), Celer (Will Long | Danielle Baquet-Long) (US/JP), Stéphane Claude (CA), Heribert Friedl (AT), Scant Intone (Constantine Katsiris) (CA), Robin Parmar (UK/CA/IE), Tomas Phillips | Craig Hilton (US), Tom White (UK)

Sublimation: An Exercise in the Immersive is an exhibition featuring a range of audio-visual works created by eight international artists, that respond to the idea of the sublime. These works saturate the sonic and visual landscape, drenching and enveloping the audience and must be experienced to be truly understood.

On the opening day of Sublimation, the exhibition will be complimented by three live performances and an audio screening by ten international artists in the form of immersive sonic environments and contemplative sound sculpture.

The sensory environment of the exhibition together with the live performances and audio screening will envelop the audience in both an emotional and visceral experience: drawn equally from sonic and visual spectrums.

Check out their neighbors in the same building , Studio XX



Feminist festival of media arts + digital culture
10-18 November 2012

Date limite : lundi 2 avril 2012

The 10th edition of the HTMlles will take up the notion of risk. To risk: to gain or to lose (it is uncertain), to expose oneself to a possibility… Risk is a potential.

The HTMlles 10 welcomes project proposals from self-identified women, trans and gender non-conforming artists of all origins on the theme of risk, as well as proposals for risky projects…

The HTMlles is a feminist festival of media arts and digital culture produced in Montreal by Studio XX, a bilingual feminist artist-run centre for technological exploration, creation and critique. Initiated in 1997, the HTMlles is an international platform dedicated to the presentation of women’s, trans and gender non-conforming artists’ independent media artworks from all facets of contemporary technological creation, including but not limited to: digital storytelling, cyber art, short film and video art, audio and electronic art, radio art, installation, locative media, 3D animation, game art, augmented reality, electronic publishing, design, bio art, public interventions, community-based practices, performance and interdisciplinary practices.

The HTMlles 10 will be a multi-sited festival, which includes Studio XX, ’s new gallery space, the XX Files radio show, .dpi electronic periodical and Matricules online feminist archive. RISKY BUSINESS will be co-presented with several partner artist centres (to be announced) that focus on either (or both) media arts or feminist practices, in Montreal. Participants receive honoraria.

To submit a proposal to the HTMlles 10, please follow the guidelines and email it to: festival (at) htmlles (dot) net

That’s it for now… have a great winter week!



One thought on “MMA – March 5, 2012

  1. Edward Kasimir says:

    Such a lovely layout. We’ll miss you Liz.

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