MMA January 23,2012 – Happy Lunar Asian New Year !

Happy B-Sides -Days to the B-sides crew celebrating their anniversaries ! :-)

Music they aired :


The Black Keyes

(MMA approves the selection!)

Listen in to the archives…


Thievery Corporation – Is it over?

Scientific American – Strong for the future

Telefon Tel Aviv – What’s the use of feet if you haven’t got legs

Murcof -Cometa

Spoken word

Bob Holman – In with the out crowd


Poetry by Numbers

Wade Compton and Trevor Thompson

Re-Inventing the Wheel – I am Plugged into the tradition

More Music !

The album leaf – Another Day revised

Tocsin -Famous Lovers

Dishwasher – Fujiya & Miyagi  – Lightbulbs Album

The Jon Cohen Experimental – Brain Pollution &  Behold Outake from Behold

Interview with Kevin Lo from Loki Design ( talking about the upcoming panel presented by HOWL Arts Collective (

Art + Activism 26/01/2011 Montreal

Amanda Mabro – Wink at the Moon- Superwoman in the making



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One thought on “MMA January 23,2012 – Happy Lunar Asian New Year !

  1. rusty8827 says:

    cool stuff

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