MMA Jan 16,2012 – Check out the event tonight for Jan 21,2012 !

Mogwai  – The Hawk is Howling –  Danphe and the Brain

Sigur Ros – Gong – Takk

Electric Company –  It’s hard to be a baby – It is not that very true

Talvin Singh – Ok – Ok

Producer’s Observation Note: Tavlin Singh’s music can’t really be fairly categorized but if I were to describe his styles and techniques throughout the years, he is definitely a master at  layering fusion sounds of the subconscious. Each song he has produced has a different character, direction and trance. Check out his soundcloud page for his latest releases!

Ulrich Schnauss – Faraway trains  passing by – Blumenweise neben autobahn & Nobody’s Home


Ars Poetica is opening this week!



Art and Activism Panel and Discussion

Art + Activism 26/01/2011 Montreal

Thank you to our international listeners!

Kung Fu Art for the Asian New Year in Los Angeles

ISM: A Community Project Presents
The Art of Kung Fu: Myths & LegendsIn conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, The Art of Kung Fu: Myths and Legends pairs sixteen newly reworked myths and legends by novelist Ryan Gattis, author of Kung Fu High School, with sixteen artists from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the coming Year of the Dragon.Artists from the worlds of street art, fine art, illustration, comics, and animation include: Tony Philippou, Aaron Jasinski, Nate Wragg, Micah Gunnell, Tommii Lim, Dadu Shin, Corinne Reid, ESPI, Christopher Brand, Evan Skrederstu, Jennifer Tong, Victo Ngai, Alina Chau, NERD, Jenikah, and Andrew Huerta.

Friday, January 20, 2012

7:30pm until 9:00pm
Gallery Meltdown, 7522 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046For more information please visit:

Kevin Staniec, Co-Creator of ISM: A Community Project, Releases New Web Series
Three Thursdays

Three Thursdays is a funny little documentary about mediocrity and failure. In the summer of 2002, Keith Wilson, a liquor store clerk with big dreams and a bigger mouth, talked three music venues into staging three concerts. He convinced five up-and-coming bands to perform on three consecutive Thursdays. This is Keith’s story. These are his three Thursdays.

Episodes will be released weekly, exclusively on
Click here to watch the teaser and episodes 1-3

Help A Non-Profit Arts Organization 
Internship/Volunteer Opportunities

ISM: A Community Project is currently accepting applications for interns and volunteers with experience in Design, Marketing/PR, Photography or Video Production. Help us plan our 10 year anniversary exhibition and 10 year retrospective book. Please submit your resume to

Democracy Now Headlines – Special on Martin Luther King

Interview with DjPinky38 from Planete Break Records

The  Launch Event is happening at  Pub Brouehaha

on Jan 21,2012 at 5860 De Lorimier Avenue as of 9pm …

Planet Break / Botnek / Dj Dialect

Follow up conversation / interview with Danny Payne from the Under the Radar series  –  what’s upcoming for him & his network for 2012! Listen to his end of the year mix …

Check him out at the burgundy lion once a month for the under the radar series , listen to his or catch a listen to him on CJLO ( link is forthcoming!!!)



3 thoughts on “MMA Jan 16,2012 – Check out the event tonight for Jan 21,2012 !

  1. Edward Yersh says:

    I’m waiting for the D. Payne SoundCloud mix link. Let’s go!

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