Friday’s Show Notes – December 16, 2011

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Show Credits

  • Hosts: Ken McMurray, Joshua Hind
  • Special Contributors: Amie Watson, Caroline Kunzle, Paul the Courier
  • On-Air Production: Joshua Hind

7:03: Music: Constantines – “Trans Canada”

7:07: Amie’s Food Report:

  • Amie interviews Crudessence president and co-found David Coté about the raw food restaurant’s recently launched cookbook. The volume is a beautifully photographed love letter to raw food in the form of smoothies, juices, salads, soups, pasta, pizza, crepes, mousses, ice creams, cheesecakes, and pies.

7:40: O Stories Segment: Our third installment of oral history radio, produced by the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS).

  • This time, an interview with Dr. Amahl Bishara, an anthropologist who has done research on the production of U.S. news about Palestinians and Palestinians’ experiences of confinement. Her video documentary Degrees of Incarceration, shown recently at Concordia University, documents the effects political imprisonment has on a community of Palestinians in the West Bank. The interview was conducted by Neal Santamaria.
  • If you miss the live radio broadcast Friday morning, fear not!
  • You can find the O Stories podcast here:

8:18: Municipal Headlines:

8:26: Interview: Drew Nelles from Maisonneuve Magazine comes in to discuss bid rigging in the montreal snow clearing business

8:40: Music: Lenni Jabour – “A Little Sad”

8:44: Action Items

by Gary Clement --- from Thursday's National Post

  • NDP Poll De-bunked
    • News organizations across the country have been talking about a Harris Decima poll that seems to indicate that NDP support in the Province of Quebec is plummeting.
    • As we love to do in the Action Items, we went and looked at the actual poll and I wanted to share a few facts about the poll itself.
    • While the poll doesn’t show a regional breakdown of respondents, it was a sample of merely 1000 people Canada-wide. So there’s no telling how many of those respondents are from Quebec. If you base the dispersion of respondants based on population, it’s no more than 38 people.
    • That doesn’t stop anyone from making a lot of hay out of the story, but remember 2 things:
      • 1. This poll has an amazingly low sample
      • 2. It’s a Harris Decima poll, and as we reported around this time last year, it was the President of Harris/Decima (the now TV personality, Allan Gregg) who talked about how polls are all bull-crap anyway.
      • Oh, and Harris/Decima was founded by Allan Gregg to the campaign polling firm for the Mulroney Conservatives
    • The poll:
    • One of the many stories about the poll:
  • McKay’s Travel Expenses
    • The knives are out for Peter McKay and even the Canadian Taxpayer’s Association is piling on…and they’re basically a front for the Tories…
    • I guess people don’t want old Pete to be leader Post-Harper
    • Link to the CTF hard-hitting study:


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