MMA – November 28 – Check out the archives please !

Nov 28,2011

Felt like mr rogers in the intro of the show there… yes…

great theme song followed by …

suisse modular – before night

the postal service – brand new colony

dj brace – nh twenty four

Check out their label’s upcoming event at laika …

smith and mighty – evolve

Silent Poets -Future

Good old Environment Canada Weather office 🙂

WORDS literary segment special focus on prison literature , essays and publications aired between 7:30-8 on Nov 28 and Dec 5… open your mind!

Presented by: Alanna MacNevin

Interview with Louis Erins (Director and Founder of Real Cost of Prisons Project )

Interview with Julie De Montigny

Democracy Now Headlines

The National – Guest Room

Idle Hands – Streets of my hometown

Domestic Crisis Group – Put all your troubles away

Nicholas Bike Courrier Report

The highly anticipated Interview with Dave Kattenburg from the Green Planet Monitor

The Green Planet Monitor is created by Earth Chronicle Productions, a Winnipeg-based production company specializing in global environment and development issues. Past radio/audio series include The Peace and Conflict Radio ProjectThe Earth ChroniclesMore Than Just a Dozen,Children of th EarthClimateWatch and Partners in Action.

ECP founder Dave Kattenburg has been creating documentaries since 1986. He has reported for CBC Radio and Radio Netherlands from the Marshall Islands, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  He spent four months in Rwanda, as a Knight International Press Fellow.

This is a picture of Dave’s favourite audio recording device — a circa 1967 Nagra III.

Green Planet Monitor contributing producers:

Michelle Betz, a native of Calgary, taught broadcast journalism at the University of Central Florida and launched/advised the award-winning student-run radio station WNSC (now WGKN). In 2002, Betz was awarded the Excellence in Journalism Education Fellowship by RTNDF and in 2003 was awarded a Knight International Press Fellowship, spending four months working in Rwanda. Betz was awarded a second Knight International Press Fellowship and spent 5 months in 2005 training journalists in both Morocco and Algeria. Michelle specializes in the role of the media in international conflict and conflict resolution. She is currently based in Cairo.

Reese Erlich isan investigative reporter who has covered international issues for over forty years. Erlich (with others) won a Peabody award in 2006, a best depth reporting award in 2002 from the Society of Professional Journalists (Northern California), and an award from Project Censored in 2003. His fourth book, Conversations with Terrorists: Middle East Leaders on Politics, Violence and Empire, will be published in September 2010.

Victoria Fenner is a radio producer and environmental sound artist currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. She has over twenty years experience as a producer, journalist, documentarian, and technician and has worked for the CBC, community radio stations in Canada and the US, and as a lecturer and mentor.

She has also produced a number of syndicated radio series, including several in partnership with Earth Chronicle Productions. In addition to her work in programming, Victoria organizes and teaches training workshops in radio skills and sound art.

Janna Graham is an independent radio producer based in Montreal, PQ. She has covered stories in Central America and Rwanda for The Green Planet Monitor. Her documentaries have also appeared on CBC Radio Maritime Magazine, Outfront and NPR Marketplace.

Jen Moore is an independent print and radio journalist who has been reporting for the Green Planet Monitor from Latin America since 2006. Her radio documentaries have also been heard on CBC Radio’s Dispatches, Free Speech Radio News, Rabble Radio, the Women’s International News Gathering Service and NPR’s Weekend America. Most recently, she contributed research to an Al Jazeera documentary for the program People and Power and her articles have been published in BriarpatchThis MagazineAlternatives JournalThe Tyee, and Upside Down World, as well as by the Latin American Information Agency and The Dominion newspaper.

Josephat Mwanzi Josephat Mwanzi is a journalist and writer currently living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Since graduating from the journalism program at St. Augustine University, in Mwanza (producing youth radio programmes for Radio SAUT FM), Josephat has contributed reports to the BBC Swahili Service Youth Programme (Kimasomaso) and The Word (BBC World Service) and worked as a production officer with the Jesuit Refugee Radio Service, at Radio Kwizera, in Ngara, West of Tanzania. He has closely followed the frightful plight of Tanzania’s albinos.

The Green Planet Monitor website has been created by Sean Yeomans and Brian Hydesmith.

Yeomans specializes in providing CMS driven website with the goal of using best-practice web standards at heart. Hydesmith is a graphic designer with a background in photography and editorial work. Hydesmith Communications does a wide range of work from web sites to book design to print to signage and likes to work with clients who do good work on worthwhile projects, like Earth Chronicle Productions.

The Green Planet Monitor — Smart Solutions for a Developing World — wishes to thank its sponsors: the Mass Media Initiative of the Canadian International Development Agency and the Social Justice Fund of the Canadian Autoworkers Union.



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