Friday’s Show Notes – December 2, 2011

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Show Credits

  • Hosts: Ken McMurray, Joshua Hind
  • Special Contributors: Amie Watson, Adam Bemma, Marie-Eve Boulanger, Paul the Courier
  • On-Air Production: Joshua Hind

7:06: Music: Craig Cardiff – “Lion and the Dragon”

7:12: Amie’s Food Report:

  • Amie interviews Stéphanie Guico, marketing coordinator of NDG’s Co-op La Maison Verte, about the ongoing fundraising initiative between the co-op and local organization Head and Hands. The initiative is selling fair-trade organic coffee from the co-op and donating sales to Head and Hands to go towards stocking their community food pantry whose budget was recently cut. Amie and Stéphanie talk about the types of coffee for sale, and most importantly about where it comes from and what the money goes towards supporting at Head and Hands.
  • For more from Amie Watson, visit:

7:20: Music: Kathryn Calder – “Who Are You?”

7:29: Montreal Life Stories:

8:49: In-Studio Interview: Brooke Miller

  • Brooke’s career began on Prince Edward Island, Canada, in a loud punk band as the lead guitarist & vocalist at the ripe old age of 12. She later connected with music by the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Rickie Lee Jones, The Police and Joni Mitchell. She has flourished into a road warrior, touring throughout Canada, the US, Europe and Japan. Brooke has just released her fourth CD, BROOKE MILLER, her first to be distributed nationally in Canada through DEP/Universal. It features Brooke on acoustic and electric guitars and vocals with an array of guest musicians from Toronto and Halifax. Brooke’s tunes have been heard in recent feature films (THE YEAR OF GETTING TO KNOW US, starring Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Jimmy Fallon), and on hit television shows (The L Word and Women’s Murder Club). She won the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals’ 2007 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award.

L. to R.: Ken McMurray, Marie-Eve Boulanger, Brooke Miller, Joshua Hind

8:18: JHR Rights Report by Adam Bemma

8:33: Music: Max LL – “Listening”

8:38: Interview – Walter Lyng of the The Hilarious Holiday Hoedown II

8:43: Action Items


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Show Notes – December 2, 2011

  1. Edward Yersh says:

    It’s 23 minutes into the show and so far I can’t think of anything critical to say about it. Always a pleasure to start the day with you guys. I’ll check back in and snarkily let you know if I notice anything that is less than perfect.

  2. Edward Yersh says:

    “We’re going to take a break to play some ads and make some money.”
    Ad 1 – CKUT Ad (pledge drive)
    Ad 2 – CKUT Ad (mental illness show)
    – end of ads –

  3. Edward Yersh says:

    Thank you for the on-air shout out. Always a good way to calm the heckling.

    BTW, every Friday is also ask Yoko anything day.

    Here’s the question I asked her:
    “People are talking about the 1%. I’m interested to know how things look for you from your perspective. Following the lines of power upwards from Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, to the City of London to the Rothschild family…. who ultimately are the powers at the top of this pyramid?”

    I suggest you guys ask her a question and talk about her answer on next week’s show.

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