MMA – Nov 21,2011 – It was a delayed monday

Kinder Atom – Soft Hand Feel -Eagle Sprouts

Vitamins For You – B4U

Metronomy – On the motorway

M83 – Midnight City

Naah-ee-laah – Real Evolution

WORDS Literary Segments

Interview with Patrick DeWitt by Taylor Tower

Interview with Gillian Sze by Camille Baker

Democracy Now Headlines (

Music from  Julia Kent  from her latest album  Delay. Tracks played Barajas , Fantanarossa, Arlanda, Dorval, Venizelos, & Schiphol

Interview with Howl Arts Collective’s organizer Stefan Christoff

howl iv

Bike Courrier report with Nicholas 🙂

A little editorial /reflection tribute to genuine indie promoters

aam sunday service folks you are not forgotten !

( aired some ambiant music from kimika- octobre )

AAM’s “Sunday Service” is one such a la carte package and was a great resource, for example, for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Liars to get their CDs out to radio on a budget before they ever got signed.

– from

undertheradar  -keep the music coming!

(aired night patrol – ddp)

I met a Matt (who happened to go under the nickname of dutch) this summer who changed my perception of hip hop in montreal & was on my list of people to follow up with before the end of the year  for an eventual interview on his involvment in the revival of the local hip hop scene.

rest in peace.

note: apologies for the crazy remix  by the ghost gremlins of ckut  … guess this just means i should air some more music …  below is a tribute made from revolver musik records.

It’s been quite a month…



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