MMA November 7,2011



ulrich schnauss -quicksand memory-  look at the sky  remix by rob mcvey

telefon tel aviv -My week beats your year

terranova – cause4effect

spoken word

WORDS literary collective featuting interviews by Megan Kaart  and Courtney Kirkby (OTH Collective)

1- Interview & inspirational words from  Michael Narowski

2-Interview with Jim Stanford  on Economics for Everyone.


DN Headlines

music and some mentions on this album i’ve been hooked on…

DJ Brace Presents the Electric Nosehair Orchestra – NH19 – Synesthasia

The Sea and Cake – One bedroom

(Side Note:  The sea and cake were in town this past sunday at the casa !)

Nico’s back with a detailed insider’s bike courier report

Note from producer: Ok, so, I went on a little sound art crave and decided to mix a little with the feeds and past theme songs of DN at around 7:59 then went perhaps a little too far with Margo’s second weather observation alas  transmissions of broadcasting live audio art can take radio to a whole other level of sonic joy.Listen in to the highlights of Margo by going to the archives (the monday morning after show)

Btw, just a little heads up on the sound art front –  CKUT’s  magic soundbox will be having an event within the next coming weeks. I’ll get more talk about it within the next coming weeks.

a silly yet still serious  Liz



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