Amanda Cottreau – Fall – Universe in a soft shell

Domestic Crisis Group (DCG) – Put all your troubles away – Two Tired Hearts

Ember Swift – Oh so Sweet – 11:11

Adrienne Pierce – Monsters – Oh Deer

WORDS Literary Collective

Home Chez Moi – Taylor Tower

The Home Chez Moi project was created by Liz Trucanowitz with Johanna Nutter, Alex Bowyer  and Chad Dembski. It is a collection of stories about what makes Montreal home. Written, drawn, taped, or performed, the Home Chez Moi project is looking for stories from people about Montreal. You can submit anonymously or attach your name by going to The project will eventually culminate in a theatrical performance based on the stories submitted.”

Interview by Georgia Webber with David McGimpsey on his latest works and releases.

DN Headlines

M83 – Midnight City –

Revolution 9 Remixes and Rejects




Ms Jon soda

Green Planet Monitor -Warm Wet Planet

For the next upcoming week:

Going to try and check out the latest art works of CEASE IT

And get a hold of David Kattenburg from the Green Planet Monitor. And more to come …

Thanks for listening and check out for archives and pledge options 🙂




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