MMA – Oct 17,2011 – music links are forthcoming!

Oct 17, 2011


M83 – Midnight City – Hurry Up

Aphex Twin – Drkqs – Vordhoebn

Tito Coco Rot and Isound -Music is a hungry ghost -It’s for a moment

Jimmy Edgar – -Bounce Make Model- Uniform Citation

A Forest Mighty Black- Rebirth- DJ Kicks -Thievery Corporation

Check out updates from these cool labels:

Spoken Word: Naah-ee-laah – Freedome

Real Evolution


Check out the article:

Kaie Kellough  -Vox Verses – “Words Sound System, Creation Dub, Quittin Rhyme &  Dust my Doom ”

feat. Kim Zombic, Jasun & Dj Andy Williams

Medical Interview by Zoreen Rahaman with an interview with Breast Cancer Action Montreal’s Executive Director Roseanne Cohen on Breast Cancer and Cancer Creating Products . If you want to volunteer, please check out their information through this link.

Ember Swift – What were you thinking? – Lentic

Feeder – Comfort in Sound – Child in You

What Cheer Brigade Interview produced by Stefan Christoff

Upcoming  – for the month of November – it’s a taboo subject but someone needs to talk about it.

Suicide Action Montreal






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  1. Thanks. A good amount of advice.

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