Oct 10 – Giving thanks for the exclusive interviews of Occupy Wallstreet in NYC by Tim McSorley & Vox Sambou’s interview by Parker Mah

Oct 10,2011

Smith and Mighty  -Believers


David Kristian  – Chorhythm


Atlas Sound – Let the Blind lead those who cannot see but can feel


Jarvis Cocker- Fucking Song 0 Further Complications


Sainte Etienne – Don’t Back Down


Andy Bell


Albums launches latest releases:

Ben Wilkins- “Back of my head ” –

Launch Oct 19 benwilkinsmusic.com

Amanda Mabro ” Swing with Me”  from Superwoman in the making

Launch on Oct 14  of Die to the Past


Ember Swift – ” I’ve fallen in love with you” (It’s also available in Chinese as she is now based in Beijing)

Launch on Oct 13 of 11:11


OTH exclusive audio footage from Occupying Wall Street  in NYC by Tim McSorley

Nomadic Massive – Higher


Interview by Parker Mah with Vox Sambou (from Nomadic Massive) on the International Hip-Hop Symposium in Haïti. Listen to the full interview in the following soundcloud link.


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