MMA Sept 26 & Oct 3-FYI Metronomy Oct 25@SAT!

Apologies for delay….

sept 26/ 11

telefon tel aviv  – farenheit fair enough – lotus above water

electric birds – finger and stroke

david kristian – rhythms for a rainy season

morcheeba – part of the process

feist – there’s a limit to your love

First edition of the spoken word poetry literary collective , spotlight on: Tanya Davis produced by Alanna McNevin (

Along with an interview of Robert Leker  produced by Camile Baker on the traditions of Leonard Cohen.

DN headlines

jon cohen experimental – brain pollution

roads – way back home

royksopp -eple

green planet monitor

elsiane – morphing


Oct 3/ 11

a rare lovely vinyl version of :  joy division – our pleasures – insight

new order – avalanche

the notwist – different cars and trains – loops pool version

metronomy – all night’s out

Many exciting events happening at the SAT – check out Metronomy there on Oct 25, 2011 !

The postal service  – district sleeps alone tonight

Spoken word literary poetry collective- words literary segment produced by Stefan Christoff and Alanna McNevin.  This week’s features:

Interview by Peter Steiner on the Alternative Libraries Project.

Interview with Sasha Lilly editor of Capital and it’s Discontent: Conversations with Radical Thinkers. Sasha Lilly also happens to be co-host and founder of the radical ideas radio show “Against the Grain”.

DN Headlines

Liz talks about the SAT events and other developments – check it out : ( awe and inspiring!)

Archive Sabrina’s Secret Stash – Metronomy  🙂


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