MMA – Aug 22,2011 – Monday Morning After Show

MMA playlist

Foals – Two Trees – Total Life Forever

Depeche Mode – Fragile tension – Sounds of the Universe

DJ Brace presents the Electric NoseHair Orchestra – Synesthasia – NH Sixteen

DJ Killa Jewel – Suadade – Clocks

Check out the video for Sorrow from her site:

* Special Thanks Note to  DJ Mana for giving a heads up on these releases.

Spoken Word Artist ( Note: I just can’t enough of these two !)

Kaie Kellough – Vox Verses

Moe Clark – Circle of She

More music!

Memory Tapes- Seek Magic- Bicycle and Green Knight

Film School – Fission – Time to Listen

New Order –  Waiting for the Sirens Call – Morning night and day

Democracy Now  Headlines

The Jon Cohen Experimental – Behold – Don’t be the cloud

Interview with Aviva Vetter from Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue.

Check out their website to learn more on how you can adopt, foster or sponsor a pet.

Interview with Irreverand James and the Critical Mass Choir

Check them out on this upcoming Wednesday night at Le Divan Orange at 6pm.

Feels good to be back – Liz 🙂


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