Friday Morning After Show Notes: August 19, 2011

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Show Credits

Hosts: Ken McMurray, Liz Faure, Rachel Turpin, Craig Sauvé
Special Contributors: Amie Watson, Rae Dooley

Show Notes

Intro theme: “The Morning After” by The Narcicyst.

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Music: Lack of Sleep – “Bullet in a Bulls Eye”

-played last night at Le Divan Orange with Groenland

-Quebec quartet who’ve opened for some bigger local indie groups.

-Catchy, heavy-hitting electronic beats

Amie’s Food Report: La Fete des Vendanges in the Cantons-de-l’Est, September 3-5, 10-11, Magog, QC

Links (as mentioned in piece):

Les Péchés de Pinocchio – fois gras with crispy duck cracklings with maple-balsamic-toasted croutons

Cafe Massawippi – yogurt panna cotta with smoked maple trout, diced apple, and cider foam

Vignoble du Marathonien – 2009 late harvest dessert wine

Les Savon des Cantons

Music: Groenland – “Our Last Shot” (3:53)

-played last night at Le Divan Orange with Lack of Sleep

-local group, formerly called “La Pieuvre” (the octopus), doing some catchy electro

Piece on India/Pakistan Independence by Rachel Turpin
Event will take place Friday, August 19th, 2011 at 6:30 pm at Oscar Peterson Hall, Concordia University, Loyole Campus , 7141 Sherbrooke, West.

Municipal Headlines with Ken McMurray, Liz Faure and Craig Sauvé:

Democracy Now! Headlines:

Tom’s Bike Traffic report

Brigette De Pape interview by Rae Dooley

Music: Lovisa Samuelsson – “Drunken Heart Song” (4:21)

-Swedish musician who played at Le Divan Orange Wednesday night, backed up by the group “Sun Has Found Me”.

-Lovisa started as a cellist and pianist but took up guitar and then took up songwriting.

-the music is beautiful and atmospheric, with haunting backup vocals. She also sings a lot in Swedish, but this is one of her English songs.

Liz Faure interview with Jason Hughes on the Empress Theatre:

Community Listings

  • Ainsley McNeaney at the Mariposa Café (5434 Côte-St-Luc Rd), Friday, 8pm.
  • Tera Ter Market in the park at Atwater and Ste-Catherine – say “hi” to Sweet Lee’s Bakery and congratulate them on opening their bakeshop in St-Henri on 291 Beaudoin at St. Henri (the street parallel to Parc Sir-George Etienne Cartier)
  • FREE 90s Dance Party with DJs Jewish Guilt and ABS at Il Motore, 179 Jean-Talon West (near metro De Castelnau), tonight starting at 9pm. Note: They have AC.
  • Verdun Sidewalk Sale
  • If Looks Could Kill – they will
  • Parc Oxygène Demonstration to save da park! Cornroast + music + more! Saturday, August 20 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm, South of Ave des Pins, north of Prince Arthur, west of Parc Ave, east of Hutchison


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Outro theme: Caribou – “Lalibela”



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