Friday, July 29th – Show Notes.

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Show Credits

Hosts: Craig Sauvé, Ken McMurray,
Special Contributors: Amie Watson, Stefan Christoff

7:00: Intro theme: J Dilla – “Workinonit”

7:06: Music: Tokyo Police Club – “Favourite Colour” (2:38) from album “Champ”

-playing at the Osheaga Festival this Saturday at the Scène de la Montagne stage (one of the main stages).

-popular foursome out of Newmarket, Ontario

-LA Times called the album “Like being in love for the first time, in musical form.” and Rolling Stone said they are “poised to become the biggest Canadian export since Molson.”

7:10: Amie’s Food Report: Ana Marinescu of Urbana Marketing on Public Markets in Montreal (11:35)

Amie stumbled across a new farmers’ market in the park next to the AMC Forum on Atwater. There was a long table selling vegetables at very reasonable prices. It was mostly local, with some products imported because they weren’t in season. It turns out the organization was called Tera Ter, and they have several farmers’ markets in the Southwest of Montreal where they sell fresh fruits and vegetables weekly. Across from Tera Ter’s table at the market was Sweet Lee’s Bakery, one of Amie’s favourite bakeries in the city, who are set to open their own store front in a few weeks in St-Henri, but still sell their muffins, brownies, tarts, cookies, and savoury scones at various markets and cafés in the city. Amie tried to get in touch with Tera Ter to find out more about their organization, but it was Ana Marinescu who responded to her inquiries. She does marketing for La Coalition des marchés de quartiers, and was happy to speak with Amie about the public market initiatives in Montreal, including Tera Ter, as well as the interactive website and social media being used to help Montrealers locate their nearest public markets, even going as far as to sometimes describe what is sold at each location, making it a definite step in the right direction for making markets accessible in Montreal.

Tera Ter Facebook page

Marchés de Quartiers website with interactive map of local markets

-Marchés de Quartier Facebook page

-Marchés de Quartier Twitter

7:24: Music: The Mountain Goats – “Damn These Vampires” (3:30) from album “All Eternals Deck”

-playing on Saturday at Osheaga at the Scène des Arbres stage.

-project of John Danielle who’s been making records with various musicians under the name “the Mountain Goats” since the early 1990’s!

7:30: Amie’s interview with comedian Greg Proops at Just for Laughs. (9:00)

For tickets, go to

-for more of the interview and for links to his individual shows at the festival, read Amie’s article at Midnight Poutine

7:44: Municipal Headlines with Ken McMurray and Craig Sauvé:

8:00: Democracy Now! Headlines

8:15: Music: An Horse: “Trains and Tracks” (3:00) from the album “Walls”, which has been praised for its “gritty, understated approach”, according to the website.

– A two-person indie rock band from Brisbane, Australia, comprised of Kate Cooper and Damon Cox.

– Playing Osheaga on Sunday at the Scène Verte stage.

8:20: Part One of Stefan’s piece on racial profiling: In-studio interview with Samir Shaheen Hussein, activist with Justice for Anas!

8:34: In-studio interview with Matt Jones on his play “Rob Ford and the Mysterious Case of the Flying Anarchist” (14:00)

8:51: Tom’s Bike Traffic report

8:58: Outro theme: Caribou – “Lalibela”

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