Friday Morning After Show Notes: July 1, 2011

Music: La Excelencia – “Salsa Dura” (3:28) album: “Mi Tumbao Social”
-Salsa band out of New York played last night at the Montreal Jazz Fest
-most salsa has a romantic theme – it’s about love and maybe nature, but really about love, but La Excelencia’s music is about immigration, poverty, and discrimination, all while playing traditional salsa rhythms and instruments. Compared with other salsa music this style, called “salsa duro” (also the song’s name), is very fast. Some dancers find it hard to keep up, and if you dance all night to this you’ll be tired!

Amie’s Pre-recorded Food Segment: Interview with Jeanne Charlebois of the Food and Film Festival at Cinema du Parc this weekend

Cricket Report

Music: Novalima – “Se Me Van”; album: “Coba Coba”
-4 DJs and musicians out of Lima, Peru. They play a mix of traditional Afro-Peruvian music and dub, hiphop, and salsa. So you’ll hear cajon percussion rhythms in there but you’ll also hear electronic beats. Their first album was very popular in Peru and their second  really broke them out into the international scene. They’ve been touring all over the world in the past few years and you can hear them at the Montreal Jazz fest July 2nd (Saturday night) for free at the Bell Stage at 8pm and 10pm.

Municipal Headlines with Ken McMurray and Craig Sauvé:

Democracy Now Headlines

Erin Hudson, member of the CKUT community news collective’s interviews Feroz Mehdi from Alternatives Intl. on Palestine

Nomadic Massive LIVE in studio interview

-playing at the Jazz Fest for the next 4 nights for FREE at the Savoy de Metropolis

Tom’s Bike Traffic report
Community Listings:
-Jazz Fest, again.
Food film Festival at Cinema du Parc (July 1-7) check out the Cinema du Parc website for more info and tickets: Le Festin de Babette, Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, Kings of Pastry, Tampopo and more.

Music: Caribou – “Lalibela”

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