MMA June 27, 2011

Bsides music with Tim Taylor featuring  Jonathan Richmond & Portishead right before!

🙂 Check out their site :

“Our time is now in the morning of our lives” (how appropriate!)

Note: Had some off mixes today … computer & a tired Liz went awry!

Radiohead  – Thom Yorke- These are my twisted words -Single EP

(some random simon and garfunkel found their way in there ;-p)

Beach House  – Norway – Teen Dream

Cry Baby – Slowing Down  featuring Adrienne Pierce

Marc Gelinas – Waiting at the red lights – Myopia

Tribute / Commemoration to Marc Gelinas as he had the intention back in 2007 to come back on the show and perform an acoustic set once a year on the monday between St Jean and Canada Day

(note: some more random music from the computer??? starting to suspect there were other players going off before i started playing music from the comps in new browser windows … non-stop action in mcr i tell you! It’s the place to be! )

Lemonchill –  Reflections – Sentant as background to the weather observations of today and the week ahead.

Festivals mentioned and upcoming:


July 9-31,2011

(Mentions of past coverage on the show including Kim Noble in 2010 :

Festival Nuits D’Afrique

July 12- 24, 2011

Editorial note: An interview about the opinions on the definition of feminity and social conditioning with regards to gender and identity did not occur due to a conflict of personalities. Trans under the Stars.

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Figurine’s the Heartfelt

“Passd Stdm”

“IM possible”


“Let’s make our love song”

“Way too good” ( Note : Below is a cool video — not sure if it’s  band member related…)

Democracy Now Headlines

Zoreen’s cricket report

An excerpt from the “Dress to Kill” show from the Executive Transvestite Eddie Izzard

Show dates: July 11-13,2011 at the Gesu Theatre

(Note: Eddie is part of the Just for Laughs festival but it took a while for Just for Laughs to have Eddie in the spotlight or entourage. Thus, looking forward to learning about Eddie’s life by watching the documentary “Believe”)


Cinema Trans under the stars / Cinema Trans sous les etoiles. ASTT(e)Q : Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec (


20h30/ 8:30pm au DIRA: 2035 Boul St-Laurent Featuring *films about trans people* by Montreal filmmakers,.

Mirah Soleil-Ross                Allô performance

2002,  13 min
From May 2001 to February 2002, transsexual artist Mirha-Soleil Ross appeared pregnant every time she was in public as part of her 9 month long performance art cycle “The Pregnancy Project”. The Pregnancy Project explored transsexual women’s relationship to the personal and institutional aspects of motherhood and hoped to foster community discussion around controversial reproductive technologies. This video features Mirha-Soleil performing pregnancy by the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco and an audio recording of her mother speaking about the ups and downs of having a baby.

Marie-Pierre Grenier           Je les aime encore

2010, 13 Min

Michel’s whole life has revolved around one thing: love. Seventy-nine years of romance later, he is trying to cope with his most recent breakup. This small incursion into a transgender person’s heart touches upon universal themes of identity, sex, love, and growing old.

AGIR, Arc-en-ciel Afrique &            Entry point (excerpt)

“Mapping Memories”

2010, 5 min

Entry Point: Queer Refugees in Montreal. This social media project introduced first time filmmakers from Africa, Caribbean and Central/South America to a variety of media skills in order to share their personal narratives. Offering a unique perspective regarding refugee experiences in Quebec and Canada, these 13 documentaries illustrate the complexity of being forced to leave everything connected to home behind and powerfully convey the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) refugees living in Montreal.

Rémy Huberdeau                Au pays des esprits/ Home of the Buffalo

2009, 4 min

“What can you do with a daughter who dreams of being your son, who transforms herself before your very eyes, yet without you?”

Operatic quest between a father and son (or daughter) – between two territories and two sexes. Constructed with archival footage from the Twenties in Manitoba.

Renaud St-Amour               un film sans nom

2011, 10 min

TBA tonight. local filmmaker, new film, first screening, waiting for descriptio

Fernando Lopez Escriva     Hotel Gondolin

2006, 49 min

A documentary portrait of a unique building that is run collaboratively by sex workers whose everyday lives as residents of the hotel is challenged by the neighbors and the local authorities.

Women’s World Conference is happening in Ottawa from July 3-6, 2011.

Interview by Meghan Murphy with Samhita Mukhopadhyay from Rabble Podcast Network from:

Needs no introduction

Women’s Worlds 2011 Profile: Samhita Mukhopadhyay |



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