Friday Morning After Show: June 24, 2011

Music: Handsome Furs – “Repatriated” and ticket giveaway
-playing at the  Cabaret du Mile End on june 25th

Amie’s Food Segment: Rhubarb, organic strawberries, and asparagus

Cricket Report

Music: Ben L’Oncle Soul – “Petite Soeur”
-playing at the Scene TD in the place des festivals at the Montreal Jazz Fest, Saturday, 9:30pm

Municipal Headlines with Liz Faure, Ken McMurray and Craig Sauvé:

Democracy Now Headlines

NDP Convention Report

Music: Filewile – “Number One Kid”
-playing a free show at the Montreal Jazz Festival, June 25th (Saturday), 10pm at the Scene Bell

Phone interview with Starhawk on film screening at NDG food Depot.
-film screening last Wednesday: “Permaculture: The Growing Edge
-ask about film, reception, permaculture ideas

Music: Vincent Vallières – “C’est un Départ”
-playing at La Fete National, June 24th, parc Maisonneuve, 9:30pm

Tom’s Bike Traffic report

Community Listings:
-Fete Nationale!
-Montreal Jazz Fest

Outro theme: Caribou – “Lalibela”

Next week: Interview with Jeanne Charlebois, spokesperson of the upcoming Festival des Films “Cuisine et Cinema” at Cinema du Parc

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