MMA June 13 – Music – Poetry – News- Sound

B-Sides Music  ( link & shared threads are  forthcoming -special thanks Justin & Crew!)

& then some harmonic music … threw in an older track of jars of clay there too…my oh my!

Basia Bulat ” The Shore”

Annie Becker “What I’m about”

Jars of Clay ” Boy on a string”

Death Cab for Cutie ” Where soul meets body”

Note from Liz:

I didn’t get a chance to mention Zack Adams show for  fringe today  but it is running until the end of the week. It’s short, awkward, sweet and fun…sort of like relationships  before meeting “the one”. ;-p Still plan on doing an interview with Zack so we’ll see if that happens. There are other fab shows to check out , one is indicated below …

Location: M.A.I.
Time: ‎6:00PM Wednesday, June 15th
and recommended by our in- studio guest : Vincent Tinguely.

Interview with writer ( & dare I say legendary poet?) Vincent Tinguely on the role, definition and evolution of poetry and spoken word in Montreal with a spotlight on his latest initiative and collaborations :

Also check out:

and listen in to Ckut every Tuesday as of noonish for the Kitchen Bang Bang Law.

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on the quirky and fashionable Datarock (you gotta love ’em!)

DN Headlines

Zoreen’s cricket report and special interview with the occupational therapist, Vanessa.

Nicolas’ bike courier report tips ( Note from Liz: working on getting a link and section just on his tips!)

Esther B’s ( anticipated for 2 weeks !)  sound art segment featuring a highlights summary of the MUTEK  festival and an interview with POLE.  Special thanks to Joseph Sannicandro who collaborated with the interview as well.

Aside from our awesome archives, feel free to listen to the interview here as well:

For more about POLE, check out :

Busy monday and more to come !!!



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