TUESDAY June 7th 2011

The Literary Report with Jeffrey Mackie: This morning Jeffrey talked to John Farrow, author of the novel “River City” – an epic novel based on the history of Montreal. Jeffrey also mentioned an article about the novel that was published in The Walrus this week, find the article here.

Spoken Word art by Suheir Hammad “Poems of war, peace, women, power”

Interview by Aaron Lackoff about the Canadian Postal Worker Strike

The Bike Report with Cam Novak – this morning Cam mentioned innovative bikes that are used commonly around the world, such as the ‘dutch cargo bike’ (see picture).

Candice interviewed Julie Barber live over the phone about the show ‘Mad Women’s Late Night Cabaret” which is at this year’s Fringe Festival.



Tanya Davis – Gorgeous Morning from the album Gorgeous Morning

Christine Fellows – Leap Year from the album Les femmes chez nous

Grimes – Halfaxa, from the album Halfaxa

The Unsettlers – Red to Black

Miracle Fortress – Raw Spectacle

Brie Neilson – No No No Yes


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