MMA – May 23, 2011

Playlist Extraordinaire:

Liz will soon update this marvelous blog, with all the musical and spoken word goodies that aired today –

which includes a classic song by one of our faves:

Pulp – “The Will To Power” from Masters of the Universe, a compilation album that grouped together the four Pulp singles released on Fire Records between 1985 and 1987 (with the exception of one track, “Silence” )  Some great news, Pulp have re-formed and will be touring throughout 2011!!! Check the link above!

Sabrina’s Secret Stash:

Today’s Secret Stash takes us to Sweden, the home of many interesting musical acts which includes Slagsmålsklubben, (often abbreviated as SMK) a Swedish electronic group from Norrköping, Östergötland. The group’s name is a comically literal Swedish translation of the title of the novel and film Fight Club.

Slagsmålsklubben can be “classified” as synth-pop, electro-pop. I have heard other terms such as bitpop, chiptune, gamewave is also another similar term for video game music genre…But to me it’s “classified” as good, plain ol’ FUN!!!

I came across their music one day, as I was watching a fan made video of the Swedish 1960s Pippi Longstocking television series on Youtube.  For those of you who are familiar with Pippi Longstocking, the beloved children books character created by Astrid Lindgren.  The particular video I saw had an incredibly whimsical, synth-pop soundtrack which I soon found to be Slagsmålsklubben, and I got immediately hooked!

They have released three studio albums so far.

* Den svenske disco (2003) which translates to The Swedish Disco

* Sagan om konungens årsinkomst (2004) which translates to The Saga of the King’s Annual Income

* Boss for Leader (2007) which was recorded in Berlin, Germany

The band are recording new material and their fourth album! Looking forward to hearing it!!!

Music played from Den Svenske Disco : “Övningsköra, (Test Drive)” “Wellington Sears,” “Vi Och Olle,” “Kinematografen,” “USSR,” “SMK Hittar Munspelet, (SMK Finds the Harmonica) ” and “Tjeckien, Slovakien Och Tillba (The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Back Again)”

Check out this awesome video directed by  Tomas Nilsson, an engineer’s re-interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood to the music of  Slagsmålsklubben.

Tis all for this week-the music is out there, go find it!!! -S

Right on Sabrina … btw, gotta love spaceplane … 🙂 music of medicational nature … wow. talking about perfect harmony. right on galactic federation of light via tony ezzy.


Where’s truth and beauty indeed a la pulp – thank you Sabrina for putting in the background & details 🙂

Beach House – Walk in the Park

Broadcast – Corporeal

For those who may or may not know… she was a truly brilliant artist and pioneer lyrically and sonically. “Love is inborn”

Junior Boys – In the morning

Show date: June 11, 2011 at La Sala Rossa

Cut Copy – Strangers in the Wind

Verve remixed – Dhjian nd Kamien

LAL – How the world began

Spoken word section:

Breakthrough – Lady Katalyst
We – Lady Katalyst

Bside- Kaie Kellough

Do you read me  ? – Kaie Kellough

Democracy Now Headlines

Zoreen’s quick cricket report

The View – Gentle touch

Sabrina’s delicious smk secret stash as per above  ^

Nicolas’ impt bike courrier report and tips

Le boeuf et la violette

Artists mentions from stopping by in the Bellechase artist studio:

Christian Audet

This is a link to the event scheduled in fall in Gatineau / Hull;jsessionid=DCBD60A79E770E8AEF6436884407C75D?lang=en&eventId=5880

Jude Griebel  (works are in Iceland right now)

Jean Benoit Pouliot (art and texture in the now and after)

Eric Ladouceur (hoods of cars used as shields of armour , but, it doesn’t stop there!)

Will be mentioning these upcoming events on May 30 – write ’em down & check them out already!



Side note: POLE is playing a free show on June 4 for MUTEK


MUTEK Festival 2011

JUNE 04, 2011 10:00 PM – 01:30
1195 Saint-Laurent Blvd

Montreal, Canada

A soirée dedicated to the first three cities to join UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in the “design” category: Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Montreal:

These are three cities where creators of all disciplines converge. Three global hotbeds between which many creative types often travel, carrying with them ideas, images, and sounds.  Three cities that are also well-known for their strong electronic-music scenes.

DESIGNER_MIX presents a hybrid program that evokes the spirit of each of these cities, while connecting the dots between the creators who live and work in them.  For this evening dedicated to designers, MUTEK and the SAT join Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the city’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design.

Argentinean audio-visual artist Sol del Rio gets the ball rolling with a nuanced presentation. Next, Canadian dub-techno producer Deadbeat and world-renowned German video-artist Lillevan arrive for the world premiere of their new audio-visual collaboration. Pole returns to Montreal for his first MUTEK appearance in six years.  The soirée culminates with the digital cumbia of Chancha Via Circuito.




Design Montréal


Suoni per il populo

In Sept but there are some pop pre events all summer long…

Pop montreal

That’s it for now …stay tuned ! 🙂



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