Another Wednesday, another amazing show!

705 Piece on Place St Henri courtesy of Nicole Ebert

800 Democracy Now Headlines

815  Bike Report with Tom – Live from the streets of Montreal…

820 A very special live Love Psychology, featuring Mercedes and her partner

840 Hip Hop in Japan: Lisa Tang interviews Toshiya Ueno

Toshiya Ueno  is a professor of cultural studies, media theory, and the history of social thought in the Department of Expressive Cultures and Transcultural Studies at Wakô University in Tokyo, and he also teaches in the Department of East Asian Studies at McGill University.  Professor Ueno is well known as the author of a number of major books, including Red Metal Suits: Anime as War Zone (1998) and Urban Tribal Studies: A Sociology of Party Club Culture (2005).   He is also the author of “Kurenai no metalsuits, “Anime to wa nani ka/What is animation,” translated by Michael Arnold and published in the journal Mechademia, Volume 1.  Prof. Ueno has also published Japanese translations of works such as Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic:  Modernity and Double Consciousness and Ian Condry’s Hip-Hop Japan:  Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalization. He is also a DJ. Prof. Ueno is currently in Montréal, so we were able to welcome him into the CKUT studios for this interview. 

We will be back next week so stay tuned and keep listening to CKUT 90.3 fm!


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  1. Ed Yersh says:

    What is the name of the love psychologist that was on today?

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