MMA – May 9, 2011


Ulrich Schnauss – “Monday Paracetamol” from A Strangely Isolated Place

Underworld – “Holding the Moth” from Oblivion With Bells

Hercules and Love Affair – “Iris” from Hercules and Love Affair

Nans and Nat – “The Right Words” from Nans and Nat

Sound Art:

Anja Kanngieser – “Your Voice is a Suspension of Time” from Deep Wireless 8 : Radio Art Compilation

Jonathan Sterne – “and this is my voice (cancerspace #4)” from Deep Wireless 8 : Radio Art Compilation

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Ottawa’s electro-pop duo, Boycrusher.  Their only album, “Sometimes a Man…” was independently released in 2006.

“boycrusher produces shiny electropop nuggets for mind and body; ingest, and move, and ponder. The debut album, “sometimes a man…”, ensnares the dance floor in the headlights of self-reflection and managed unravelling.

boycrusher is a product of 80’s pop radio, synthesizing the best elements of New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Gary Neumann, and Michael Jackson. “sometimes a man…” is built using a blend of the same original 80’s gear and sentiment. The album features guests performances by Leanda (co-hostess of About the Music on CIUT FM), Philip Shaw Bova, and Jordy Walker.

boycrusher is the creation of Michael Schultz [Hilotrons, Wax Mannequin] and Michael John Dubué[Hilotrons, Empiricals, Kepler], both active players on the Ottawa music scene. The collaboration was born after a short series of informal and largely improvised gigs arranged in 2004 by Dubué. The original lineup also included Philip Shaw Bova [Hilotrons, Empiricals] Paul Hogan [Hilotrons, Empiricals], Andrew McCormack [Clark, Woodenstars], Jeremy Gara [Kepler, Arcade Fire] and Jordy Walker. Inspired by the success of those gigs, Schultz and Dubué went on to write and record “sometimes a man…”. ”

We played, “Take A Chance”, “Cigarette Boat,” “Dance the Night Away,” “President of Your Heart,” and “Video Queen”

I highly recommend, Boyrcrusher’s debut, “Sometimes A Man…”  In hopes that Boycrusher will release some new material in the near future!

Democracy Now Headlines

Zoreen’s Cricket Report

Nicolas’ Bike Report

Liz’s Arts and Culture Listings (listen in on the archives!)

Raster-Noton – “Cyclo.-id#02” from Raster-Noton compilation

Eric Boivin – “At the Tone” from Deep Wireless 8

Diego Losa – “Chronicas del Tiempo” from Deep Wireless 8

Tis all for this week-thanks for listening/reading!! S


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