Wednesday Morning After – May 4

It’s Wednesday week, oooooooooo…

710 This week things are moving and shaking starting out with Mercedes’ Love Psychology.

725 Tonight @ Casa Del Popolo Valleymakers, Chris Durning and Portrait of a Lady.

730 Adam Wheeler interviews Jodi Kim.
Jodi Kim, an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California Riverside, is the author of the book Ends of Empire: Asian American Critique and the Cold War, which was published by University of Minnesota Press in 2010.  In her book she examines Asian American cultural production (such as novels and films)  that “shift, reframe, and critically extend dominant interpretations of the Cold War by staging the Cold War as a geopolitical, cultural, and epistemological project of gendered racial formation and imperialism undergirding U.S. global hegemony, and by making visible the centrality of Asia to that project.” Having earned her PhD at the University of California Berkeley in 2004, Professor Jodi Kim is interested in teaching Asian American and Asian Diasporic Literature, Film, and Visual Art, Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Studies, Cultural Studies, and Critical Theory.

800 Democracy Now headlines

810 Dan Mangan @ Sala Rossa tonight

815 Bike Report with Tom  – Live from the streets of Montreal…

820 A Winter’s Tale – Story Time with Kathleen Winter

Ariel follows up on another morning after interview with writer Kathleen Winter at the Blue Metropolis festival.  She talks about her book Annabel, the festival and her own writing influences.

830 The First Lady of Hardcore

845 Film segment with Sami


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