Friday’s Show Notes – April 22, 2011

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Show Credits

Hosts: Amie Watson, Craig Sauve,
Special Contributors: Mike Werbowski, Joshua Hind; Tom

Music from the Show

Amie’s Food Report – Sustainable Fishing: Part 3

  • Links to come after the show

Life Stories Montreal

  • This week, an interview with Montreal-based Kurdish artist Khadija Baker
  • The music you heard was Biranin, (which meas “remembering” in Kurdish) , flamenco-inspired kurdish music, by Gani Mirzo. Again, the [in-tur-pri-tey-shunz] exhibit is taking place at Concordia’s FOFA gallery until April 29.
In Studio Interview – Julie Langlois
  • In-studio interview with Julie Langlois on documentary “Le voyage de Julie” about the daily reality of Palestinian farmers, the challenges they face due to the Israeli military occupation, and the fair trade project launched in 2005 by Medical Aid for Palestine that we talked about on the show a few months ago (they sell fair-trade olive oil and dates at various markets and shops around the city including P/A supermarkets and Le Frigo Vert at Concordia.
  • Documentary was shot with a team from  radio-canada during our stay in Palestine, last fall.
  • The documentary will be aired this Sunday, April 24 · 1:30pm – 2:00pm and will be re-broadcast the same evening at 22:30 on RDI and the next morning  will be available on toutv.
Your Weekly ELECTION Items: The “You Can’t Escape the Election” Edition

Community Listings
  • The 2011 edition of the Seedling sale is in full swing at Coop La Maison Verte – 5785 sherbrooke west in NDG! For the 6th consecutive year Co-op la Maison Verte and Ferme du Zephyr are teaming up to offer Montrealers a large variety of organically grown heritage tomato, vegetable and herb seedlings starting May 7th until mid-July. You can place orders until late May. By growing these rare, delicious plants, gardeners take part in preserving biodiversity by cultivating unusual varieties that are not offered by mainstream producers and are at risk of being lost completely. Ferme du Zephyr is a certified organic farm located in Senneville on the island of Montreal. In the summer the Ferme du Zephyr delivers organic baskets hosts a popular farmer’s market on Thursdays at the Coop.

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