Wednesday Morning After APRIL 13th

Happy wednesday week!

This morning on the show…

Love Psychology with Mercedes – Why do nearly half of all people have a fear of attachemnt?  Isn’t this evolutionary madness?!? Mercedes explains.

WINGS (Arcas, Vancouver) – produced by Frieda Werden

Women in Ghana look ahead to the election. Canada ranks 52nd among 113 countries ranked based on representation of women in parliament –  Ghana ranks 111th.  Ghana’s democratic process is highly regarded and has an engaged media, but still, accusations of corruption plague the government and the electoral process.  In this episode women in Ghana discuss the problem and causes behind the lack of women’s role in parliament.

Song: Creep On Creepin’ On – Timber Timbre

Democracy Now

Song: Black Night – The Dodos

Bike report with Tom “Live from the streets of Montreal…”

Bucky Buckaw: Little Women of little Compton Coop

song: Sara – Chad Vangaalern

Story Time: Here Be Poetry (Yaar)

It’s National poetry month and there is some poetry pandemonium happening on Sunday.

Tomorrow, Here Be Monsters is launching the fifth issue of their short story collection.

Mercedes’s Film Preview AND Sami is back (from a three month hiatus) and he has more film news to keep you in the cinematic know. Check out the films Sami mentioned, including MTL -Punk.


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