MMA April 11,2011


So I am doing this one quickly… will try to get working links to the music later today (unless Sabrina beats me to it ;-P)

Theme of today (and to retain in the month before elections) is to remember the importance of alternative press and community media…listen in to the latest situation happening interview done Vancouver Coop Radio.


G’Nee and her kings “Lost and Found”

Nitin Sawhney  – Prophesy – “Cold and Intimate”

{Note: Be on the lookout for his new album coming out in May 2011 – “Last days of meaning”}

Departure Lounge -Too Late to die young – “Tubular Belgians in my Goldfield”

CRTC calls Vancouver Cooperative Radio to “show cause” hearing available through

CRTC calls Vancouver Cooperative Radio to ‘show cause’ hearing |

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Shocking Pinks (see January 31,2011 blog for now :-))

DN Headlines(

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours – “Unforgettable Season” (

Junior Boys-In the Morning EP -“The Equalizer (Morgan Geist Graphic Mix)”

( New album is scheduled for June 14,2011. (Note: Thumbs up there!)

Andy Bell – Non -stop (

Nico’s bike courrier report

Sigur Ros “Gong”  (Note: How amazing are these guys ??? Very cool link !)

Underworld – Oblivion with Bells On “Best Mamgu Ever” to accompany our arts and cultures listings

Johnny Prince : Tales of the Rise of the Fallen

Twigs and Leaves Poetry Series :



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