Wednesday Morning After

It’s a very special Wednesday week with…Margo!  She’s back and in full form to deliver the weather with her usual charm.

7:10 Mercedes on Love – regular series on Love psychology presented by Mercedes.

7:20 Weather with Margo!

7:30 jhr radio

“Journalists for Human Rights works with the media around the world to make sure every one, everywhere is aware of their rights. Here at jhr radio Concordia we allow an open flow and conversation of ideas.  We begin the practice of human rights at home in the newsroom.”

To listen to this week’s podcast or previous jhr episodes you can visit Concordia’s jhr blog.

This week’s episode is hosted by Arndell Leblanc, our regular technical producer on the show.

First up, Adam Bemma speaks with Professor David Protess from Northwestern University.  Protess along with a group of dedicated  journalism students that worked on the the Medill Innocence Project that has uncovered evidence to free 11 innocent men, five of them on death row in the state of Illinois.  Due to their work, a moratorium on capital punishment was put in place, until the governor
abolished the death penalty outright on March 9.

Correspondent Joey Grihalva presents a lecture from the forum on Conflict Minerals and their role in inciting political unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The speakers include Danish filmmaker of Blood in the Mobile Frank Poulsen; Canadian Member of Parliament from Ottawa responsible for Bill C-571, the “Trade in Conflict Minerals Act”, Paul Dewar; Canadian Author of Noir Canada Alain Deneault, and Congolese activistKambalé Musavuli. The forum is to be hosted by CICC and Concordia Political Science associate professor Dr. Leander Schneider.

Arndell promotes some upcoming events toward the end of the episode including the jhr Concordia Art show:

8:00 Democracy Now

8:10 song: What the world needs now is day, Steve day – The Youjsh

The Youjsh performed at last night’s Maisonnneuve magazine‘s spring issue launch.

8:15 Bike Report with Tom “live from the streets of Montreal…”

8:20 Bucky Buckaw‘s backyard chicken broadcast

8:30 story time – Who was Shakespeare, really?

John Florio The Man Who Was Shakespeare,” a book by Lamberto Tassinari presents a possible new candidate for the author of the Shakespeare plays. Journalist and writer Robert Richard discusses the book and it’s implications in reading Shakespeare.

8:50 Mercedes on Film – weekly film preview


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