Wednesday Morning After – March 23

This Wednesday week…


Truphena recorded her first segment at McGill’s Freaky Fridays, a series dedicated to busting scientific myths. Dr. Murray Humphries talked about blood suckers and the animals that feed upon us.  We played part one (leeches) in the first hour and part two (hook worms and vampire bats) in the second hour.  Humphries also talked about human bloodsuckers, like the Maasai tribe in Kenya who mix livestock blood with milk for protein.

jhr radio

This week Adam Bemma visits the Afghan Women’s Centre. At Montreal’s Afghan Women’s Centre, Makai Aref has organized a catering service to empower a group of local Afghan women. As a former girl’s school principal in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aref sees women’s empowerment and education as the way to create a better society in her war-torn homeland.

Ariel Fournier speaks with Dr. Shirley Steinberg and Sameer Zuberi on the upcoming equity and the media conference and their panel discussion Exposed: The role of the media in promoting Islamophobia.  The discussion will be moderated by CKUT’s very own Caravan host Samaa Elibyari.

This episode also features protest songs in solidarity with the police brutality rally on March 17.  The episode was hosted by jhr members Joey Grihalva and Adam Bemma and produced by Arndell Leblanc.

As always Democracy Now headlines coming to you…live from New York!

Mercedes on Film (featuring the Quebequois classic “Si j’avais un Char”)

Harpist, Olga Gross, and Mezzo Soprano, Claudine Ledoux were in studio to talk about their newly released album Apres Le Jour.  The lovely ladies also discussed their music video (as seen above).


Comedians Chris Betts and Shawn Hogan join us in studio to discuss their show Liar, Liar at the Belmont, on Thursday, March 24.


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