Wednesday Morning After – March 9th

Happy belated International Women’s Day! We are all ladies in studio this morning still celebrating the 100th anniversary.

While “we’ve come a long way, baby”  we are constantly reminded of gender inequality happening around the world.

This year World Press awarded their first to prize to Jodi Bieber‘s controversial portrait of Bibi Aisha, who’s nose was cut off by her husband. Regardless of what you think of this portrait’s award, it serves as a stark reminder that misogyny does exist and affects the real lives of women, not just across the world, but here in Canada.

7:30 jhr radio

“Journalists for Human Rights works with the media around the world to make sure every one, everywhere is aware of their rights. Here at jhr radio Concordia we allow an open flow and conversation of ideas.  We begin the practice of human rights at home in the newsroom.”

To listen to this week’s podcast or previous jhr episodes you can visit Concordia’s jhr blog.

This episode includes a feature by Adam Bemma  on Montreal Musicians of the World Symphony.  American correspondent Joey Grihalva discusses the protests in Wisconsin.  Arndell Leblanc interviews journalist and blogger Jillian K.D., speaking from Jerusalem ,on a Palestinian town that has been demolished 19 times.  Jean Phillipe Marquis interviews Aidan Pine from Conflict Free Concordia on conflict minerals and mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

8:00 Democracy Now

8:17 Bike Report w/ Tom

“Live from the streets of Montreal…”

8:20 No burger report this week

You can listen to the regularly scheduled episode here.

8:35 Bee Farming in Gulu, Uganda

8:50 Story Time – Literary Leeches

Two events on Friday: UdeM Graduate English Association is hosting a conference featuring writer, Priscila Uppal. Also on Friday Redpath Museums Freaky Friday presentation on blood suckers, the facts and the myths.

8:52 Mercedes on Love – now a regular segment on the Wednesday Morning After.

See you next Wednesday week!


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