TMA’s March 8th Show! Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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Heya TMA listeners!

We were super lucky this year that the International Women’s Day landed on our morning! And that it is the Centennial! Our show has been evolving into a feminist collective so we have tried to do this awesome day justice by organizing a lot of intriguing female centered content for you guys …

Beginning with the Morning Breath and Yogini Ishwari @ 7:10AM – she walked us through breathing and stretching exercises that prioritize the female half of he body, the left hand side.

Jaime had an interview with Roxanne Arsenault, a coordinator for the Blue Sunshine event happening tonight. Check out more details here!

For the Literary Report, Jeffrey talks with Todd Zuniga about the Literary Death Match! Happening this Sunday! Check it outtttt! Literary butt kicking!

At 7:44AM Kate and Noah came into studio to do some myth busting about sexual assault. “No means no” no matter how many ways the media and the law tries to rework it.

Case that Jaime mentioned this morning in~ judge gave assaulter got lesser sentence because the victim was seen as provocative. Check out the Globe and Mail’s article “Manitoba Judge is Dead Wrong in Rape Case“.

Check out the SACOMSS website here! You can find info about the help lines, how to become a volunteer and info about the panel Fire with Water, Getting Down, Rising Up! happening next week from March 15th – 24th!

Democracy Now! was played at 8:02AM

For the Bike Report, Cam Novak had fellow cyclist Kelly in to talk about gender issues within the bike community and the courier community.

Find out more info about the cheap bike shop “The Little Red Bike/Le Petit Velo Rouge” opening on Loyola Campus by contacting Kelly @ You can also shoot her some suggestions about workshops, etc.

You can ALSO buy calendars to support the opening of this great new bike (feminist) shop attt Right to Move, The Flat, Bikurious, Yeti, and other locations in Montreal.

Charlotte Cornfield was our in studio musician this week! It was a ground breaking segment because we got to listen to Charlotte’s unreleased tracks! Don’t worry, you can re-listen to them on her myspace account tomorrow, March 9th!

Charlotte suggests we listen to Cherry Chapstick, Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie to get through the rest of the Winter Blues.

SO, awesome show!

Celebrate the International Women’s Day Centennial by heading out to the March Slaves of the Slaves Rise Up! at Cabot Square @ Atwater Metro on St. Catherines!! Go!!

Also, celebrate the International Women Day Holiday by watching some psychedelic films at the event tonight Art/Artifice: Weird Women and Their DIY Dopplegangers. Find out more deets here!


7:02AM ~ Charlotte Cornfield,”The Colour”

7:18AM ~ The Breeders, “Last Splash”

7:32AM ~ Charlotte Cornfield, “The Pages”

7:40AM ~ You Say Party, ‘We Say Die’ ~ “Laura Palmer’s Prom”

8:12AM ~ Julie Doiron, “I Woke Myself Up”

8:33AM ~ Queen Latifah, “Ladies First”

8:40AM and onwards ~ an amalgamation of Charlotte Cornfield’s tracks

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