Wednesday Morning After March 2, 2011

Cursed be the Wednesday!

7:10 This morning we started off our show with Emmett Walsh and Roman Martyn discussing their film Maudit Soit Le Jour.

In a timeless world, Raoul enters the city, goes to a cinema and meets Rosa. Together they decide to make a movie. But Bob Daniels, a powerful industrialist, has taken control of the city and is keen on protecting his interests. The Japanese arrive and rearm, the revolutionaries act and videomaniacs are deployed by Daniels to keep people under surveillance. From the city to the countryside, encounter after encounter, the couple will be subjected to monumental decisions that will determine the fate of their relationship and the future of cinema.”

The screening will be March 4 at the NFB cinema robotheque.

7:35 Big Idea First Love lecture with Meir Shalev.

This lecture discusses the first biblical use of the word “love.” This morning’s broadcast was an edited version of the full lecture presented as part of the McGill Jewish Studies department lecture series.

To hear the full lecture click here.

8:00 Democracy Now

8:10 Bike report with Tom! “Live from the streets of Montreal…”

8:20 Burger Report

8:35 Speaking of first loves, Mercedes presents her first official Love Series piece.

8:40 Story Time: Parasitical Statement

This was a rebroadcast of a reading by Rachael Picard from her play Bed Bugs. The play will be showing at The Free Standing Room, 4324 St. Laurent, 8:00pm from March 3rd through 5th.

8:50 Mercedes brings back the Cinema Report


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