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Lendemain de la veille – 31 mars

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Problèmes techniques cette semaine!  Nous n’avons pas pu rejoindre Ramon Vitesse ou Marie-Andrée.  Voir au bas pour le calendrier culturel de Marie-Andrée.

7:06 – L’équipe cinéma: Justine, seule cette semaine, nous suggère des films japonais.
Liste des films :
Dragmet Girl (1933), Ozu Yasujiro – Clip de présentation
Black Lixard (1968), Fukasaku Kinji – Fil en entier
- Yaji and Kita: the Midnight Pilgrims (2005),  Kudo Kankuro. (Location : McGill ou Boite Noire)
–  Hibakusha: At the End of the World  (2003), Kamanaka Hitomi. (Location : McGill)
– Antenna (2004), Kumakiri Kazuyoshi

7:27 – Audrey, notre correspondante au Chili, nous parle du Jour du jeune combattant du 29 mars.

7:45 – Suggestions musicales de Marie-Eve

8:02 – Manchettes des nouvelles de Démocracy Now

8:20 – Chronique vélo par Cam
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8:37 – Marie-Ève invite Matt Track en studio pour une entrevue et une performance en direct

Dates de spectacles :
– 8 avril : Montréal, Clyde’s
– 16 avril : Vieux Hull, Le petit Chicago
– 26 avril : Québec, Ninkasi


Choix de Marc et de Marie-Ève, plus quelques nouveautés

7:03 – Vampire Weekend: A-Punk de l’album Vampire Weekend

7:12 – On a créé un monstre: Iceberg de l’album du même nom

7:18 – Groovy Aardvark: Y’a tu kelkun

7:20 – Peter Peter: Réfractaire de l’album Peter Peter

7:23 – Galaxie: Camouflar de l’album Tigre et Diésel

7:36 – Son de la calle: Toro mata

7:40 – Les Breastfeeders: Betty Lou de l’album Dans la gueule des jours

7:45 – Douze hommes rapaillés: La route que nous suivons

7:52 – Mute Math: Clockwork

7:58 – Sigur Rós: Sæglópur

8:16 – Vast: Touched

8:34 – Leslie Hall: Tight Pants / Body Rolls

8:50 à 8:58 – Chansons en direct de Matt Track

Suggestions de sortie de Marie-Andrée:

– Événement Symfolium 2011 de l’UdFou


Le costume neuf de l’Empereur du Théâtre de l’Utopie
Ronfard nu devant son miroir à l’Espace libre
Les creux d’un rêve au Théâtre La Chapelle par Fée Fatale

Premières en théâtre:

Manhattan Médéa à l’Espace Go
Mérédith à la Balustrade du Monument-National
Transmissions Aux Écuries
Wulustek de Ondinnok au Théâtre Prospero
Schartz, the musical au Centaur
La Sagouine au Centre Segal


4e Biennale de Gigue contemporaine à Tangente
– Festival Vue sur la relève
– FTA:  Festival Trans-Amérique


– Bouffe: livre Les Carnivores infidèles aux Éditions cardinal
+ instruments de cuisine de Ricardo
+ saison printemps de Zeste
Cabaret Absolu au Lion d’Or d’Absolu Théatre

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TUESDAY ~ March 29 2011

Hey hey hey, we see some spring sunshine in the horizon. I can’t wait for crocus’ to bloom and tulips and daffodils, and, oh my beautiful flowers and soft spring breezes. Hell yeah!

So we had a super filled show so here we go:

Started the morning off with the Morning Breath with Yogini Ishwari. Yogini Ishwari also encouraged “imaginative breathing” – so you can get centred through rhythmic breathing or imaginative rhythmic breathing – there is no excuse if you have a cold! If you need some more Ishwari you can find her at Yoga Om @ 1539, rue Notre-Dame Ouest.

No Jeffrey Mackie this week 😦 But the man needs a break! Talk about dedication! Make sure to tune in next week for more of the Literary Report!

Shout out to Queer McGill and their awesome work for the McGill and Montreal community! We are in the midst of the QM Pride Week so please check it out!

Here’s all the deets:

—Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 – Pansexual Speed Dating
Le Drugstore (1366 Sherbrooke Est.), 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

—Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 – Meet Ian Mozdzen and Mia Van Leeuwen
3480 McTavish Street, 4th Floor. 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

—Thursday, March 31st, 2011 – Bi-Annual Amateur Drag and Burlesque Show
Show: Cafe Cleopatra, 1230 St. Laurent Boulevard, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
After-Party: Espace Des Arts, 9 Saint-Catherine East, 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM

—Friday, April 1st, 2011 – HOMO HOP: DIGITAL LOVE
SSMU Ballroom, 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM

I know the TMA collective will be there with bells, and sparkles, and lace, and big hair, and everything and anything else we can put on.

Then we aired an interview that Candice put together with some Edgy Women… more info to follow…

Candice then interviewed a representative of the Pro-Choice rally that has developed in response to the Pro-Life 40 day vigil/protest that has situated itself across from the The Morgentaler Clinic

@ the corner of St. Joseph and St. Laurent

Go rally, go stomp your feet

8:00AM – Democracy Now!!!

Cam Novak informed us about some interesting alternative Bike Businesses in Montreal… more info to follow…

Jen had an interview with Rachel Gotthilf about what we all should know about tenant’s rights! Let’s not get lost in the hustle and bustle on July 1st, let’s start asserting ourselves as active apartment renters!

Check out Project Genesis to help understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

We finished up the show with live music by Maica Mia. Check her out, she’s grungy folky soulful awesomeness.


Honeyman and the Brothers Farr – Armed Robbery

Glass Passenger – Gravel Road

Folley and the Hunter

Classified – Nova Scotia

David Simand – Song for Rose

Spiritualized – Sitting on Fire

Sissy Fist – Layers of Alienation

Panty Hos –

Tune-Yards – Little Tiger

Tiny Tim – Tip Toe Thru Tulips With Me


McGill Director’s Project Theatre Festival. One act plays, In it’s second week, runs until Saturday April 2nd with both matinee (2pm, 3$)  and evening (8pm, 5$) performances of…
***All at the TNC Theatre, Morris Hall, 3485 McTavish Street

MMA March 28, 2011


Theme song : Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place – “Monday Paracetamol

Ms. John Soda – No P. or D. – “Solid Ground”

Weekend Players – Pursuit of Happiness – “Higher Ground”

The Famous Boyfriend – Making Love All Night Wrong – “It’s Starting to Become a Habit”

The Green Planet Monitor podcast: Warm Wet Planet, Twelfth Transmission…Creation

Mogwai – Come On Die Young – “Kappa”

Portishead – Third – “Threads”

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on NYC’s Cold Cave excellent sophomore album, Cherish the Light Years which will drop, April 5th, on Matador Records.  Check out Coldcave in concert in MTL on Saturday, April 30th in support of The Kills @ Theatre L’Olympia.

“Icons of Summer,”Alchemy Around You,” “Burning Sage,” and “Confetti”


Democracy Now Headlines

Zoreen’s Cricket Report

Upcoming exhibitions @ Galerie Rye (1331A Ste. Catherine Est. Montreal QC H2L 2H4 ~ 514 795 6352 ~

“HIP! Portraits of Cool by ART PERRY – forty years of counterculture icons

Galerie Rye – April 1 to may 3
ARTIST TALK 6PM followed by reception 7pm
Live music by Takk

What’s hip?

Ask Lou. When yet another velveteen interviewer attempted to question Lou Reed about the meaning of cool he answered: ‘I know your type. … If you weren’t a journalist you’d never be invited to anything hip.’ Ouch. And double ouch.

Today’s nu-hipsters have shamelessly kidnapped hip. Let’s set the record straight: the term hip goes way back to the 1700s and gained its modern cachet when used by the original Bebop jazz hipsters in the 1940s … long before Vice mag, Holga cameras and vintage one-speed CCM bikes. Hip comes from the African verb hepi (to see) or hipi (to open one’s eyes.) In other words it means enlightenment. How hip’s that?

So this gets us to the heart o’ hip … it’s not only about style but about awareness. You can’t just pose and be hip. That’s faux-hip or hipsterama. To be truly hip you have to be cool (that’s a given) but also be enlightening. You must give the world something amazingly creative along with your ‘look.’

As a photographer Art Perry has engaged the ‘look’ in his portraits of people who’ve been offbeat or innovative iconoclasts.

The cultural icons in this exhibition run from Rudolf Nurveyev to Devendra Banhart. They’re the real goods carrying authenticity and artistry, the twin handmaidens of hip. Yes Lou’s here. So are Dizzy Gillespie, Patti Smith, Werner Herzog, Joe Strummer, Allen Ginsberg, Max von Sydow, Laurie Anderson, Leon Golub, William Klein, Nick Cave, Philip Glass, Louise Bourgeois, Antony Hegarty, Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes), The Handsome Family and Lady Diana … What? She’s hip? Sure is. C’mon she took on the English monarchy, showed compassion for AIDS and cluster bomb victims and in utter hippness said: ‘Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. … I don’t go by the rule book… I lead from the heart, not the head.’

Galerie Rye’s HIP! portraits of cool exhibition is the first time Art Perry’s counterculture portraits have been shown all together. His images are as honest as his subjects. Never a studio photographer Perry has taken these portraits over the past forty years with a handheld camera and fast film in hotel rooms, backstage, backyards, street corners, cafes and studios. Always the intimacy and spontaneity of the moment are revealed in a naked truth. This is the history of hip.


Art Perry is not only one of Canada’s best kept underground secrets; he’s also a bona-fide bohemian guru. For forty years Perry’s life has engaged, befriended, supported, taught and documented the often-marginal cultural figures he admires.

Best known for his Penguin Putnam publication THE TIBETANS: photographs – the result of five years travel throughout Himalayan Buddhist and nomadic communities – Perry has paralleled this photographing and writing about oppressed world communities with his ongoing religious belief in and valuing of the holiness within outsider culture … culture that goes counter to the mainstream.

An associate professor in cultural studies at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Art Perry teaches the marriage of art and life. In his lectures on the Beat Generation he continues to practice what he preaches: art, poetry, music come from the extremes of living. As a result Perry’s silver print portraits of counterculture icons carry an empathy and deep passionate commitment to creative bohemian outlaws.”



Sunday, April 3rd
Doors: 6:45pm
Show: 7:30pm
NOTE: Early start time!
In the 1950s to be Beat was not about wearing a beret, growing a goatee and casually interrupting a Cold War ode with a bongo. That was the beatnik, not the Beat … the hipster, not the hip … the poser, not the poet.

Using new music (be it rock-n-roll or jazz) and fueled by drugs, alcohol, espresso and libido sciendi (forbidden knowledge) the disciples of postwar hip – from Serge Gainsbourg to Patti Smith – have shaken the fat of the bourgeoisie by being authentically cool.  Join Blue Sunshine for a look at what Hip is, what it means to be hip and where these hip ideas come from.  At this one night event Art Perry will discuss and present with the aid of music, film clips and slides of his own documentary photography – the hip aesthetic and what makes bona fide cool.

This show runs in conjunction with Art Perry’s photography exhibit HIP! Portraits of Cool at Galerie Rye (1331A Rue St-Catherines), running April 1 to May 3.  The show includes Perry’s portraits of Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Strummer, Devendra Banhart, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and more.”


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today – “Bright Lit Blue Skies”

Nicolas’ Bike Report

Life Stories Montreal : Curator Dr. David Pilgrim speaks about the  Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

Located on the Ferris State University campus in Big Rapids, Michigan.

“Our mission is to promote racial tolerance by helping people
understand the historical and contemporary expressions of intolerance.”


New Order – 20 Years of New Order – “Age of Consent”


Friday’s Show Notes – March 25, 2011

To listen to the show LIVE, click HERE

To download the archived recording, click HERE


Show Credits

Hosts: Amie Watson, Craig Sauve, Joshua Hind
Special Contributors: Mike Werbowski, Tom o
Technical Production: Joshua Hind

Music from the show (in the order it was played)


Cricket World Cup Scores with Zoreen

Municipal Headlines with Craig Sauve

Interview with Karen Ripplinger Wylie on Reiki

  • Karen Joy Ripplinger Wylie is an Energy Therapist based on West island of Montreal since 2003. She combines her innate intuition, empathy and light heartedness with a unique blend of energy healing methods to bring to her clients a high level of healing and peace. She is the owner of KI THERAPIES, Energy Healing Therapies that include such Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Theta Healing, Sphe-re, Eft and Quantum Touch. Karen is a Registered Master/Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association, an affiliate member with the International Center for Reiki Training and a member of Association des Naturothérapeutes du Quebec.

Your Weekend Action Items – Election Kickoff Special Supreme!

Community Listings

  • POD vernissage. projects prepared by students of architecture. for Bâtiment no. 7. 26 march, Carrefour d’éducation populaire.
  • Schwartz’s the Musical starts March 29th
  • ELAN (English Language Arts Network) Shmoozer is March 31st at Eastern Block 6pm-10pm (7240 Clark at Castelnau metro)
  • QWF (Quebec Writer’s Federation) Annual General meeting, Atwater Library 7:30pm, Monday March 28th
  • Celebration of the birth of La Ruche d’Art!
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 5-8PM
    • 4525 St Jacques in St-Henri.
    • Mohawk Blessing, Art Exhibit featuring artists from the St James Drop-In Center, community music and art making, and of course, refreshments!
    • La Ruche d’Art: St-Henri Community Studio and Science Shop is a free space for community life and visual art creation that is inclusive, egalitarian, safe, and eco-friendly.
    • It is a community art studio where everyone can develop their full creative potential through human behaviours of art making and inquiry, in order to engage actively in their community within a non-commercial environment.

MMA March 21, 2011 aka Spring is in the air, and slushy snow on the ground


Theme song : Ulrich Schnauss– A Strangely Isolated Place – “Monday Paracetamol

The Postal Service – Give Up – Brand New Colony

Junior Boys – Be Gone Dull Care – Bits and Pieces

Röyksopp – Melody A.M. – “Remind Me (Ernest St. Laurent Moonfish Mix)”

Nans and Nat –  Nans and Nat  – “Tell Me”

The Presets – Calypso – “This Boy’s In Love”

Hercules and Love Affair – Blue Songs – “Step Up featuring Kele Okereke

Arts and Culture Listings:

“An/UnEqual Quebec?” video-discussion night.  An event created by CitizenShift


24 March · 17:00 – 20:00
Café-Bar of the Cinémathèque Québécoise 

335 boul. de Maisonneuve East (at St-Denis), metro Berri-UQAM
Montreal, QC
“Is Quebec an egalitarian society? CitizenShift and Parole Citoyenne, in collaboration with the INM, are organizing a video-discussion night on the theme of equality in Quebec society on Thursday, the 24th of March, from 5pm to 8pm. 

Miriam Fahmy, editor of L’état du Québec, will host a discussion on the subject with our invitees: Mr. Alain Noël, professor of political science at the University of Montreal, and local filmmakers Car…men Garcia (Qui a tiré sur mon frère?, Voyage de Nadia, L’affaire Coca-Cola, Falardeau) and Karen Cho (In the Shadow of Gold Mountain, Past Lives, Seeking Refuge). Selected clips from their films will be shown.

We will also be showing the finalists in our Social Ad contest “An/UnEqual Quebec” and announcing the winners! Prizes will also be awarded.”

Howl concert series : Howl! II taking place :Thursday, March 24th, 2011
doors 20h
$5 advance | $7 door
La Sala Rossa
4848 St. Laurent
Montreal, Quebec 

Featuring performances by :

saxophonist Jason Sharp
harp duet Sarah Pagé / Robin Best
quartet lead-by Nick Kuepfer

“Join us for evening of beautiful music @ Sala Rossa featuring solo performances by the amazing bass saxophone player Jason Sharp, a quartet lead-by guitarist Nick Kuepfer and a special harp duet by Sarah Pagé/Robin Best. Howl! concert series aims to highlight Montreal-based artists rooted in Montreal’s fiercely creative independent arts community.”

Howl! is presented in collaboration with:

CKUT Radio
Art Threat
Wired on Words and Music
Four Minutes to Midnight :: 23:56
Suoni per il Popolo festival
Pop Montréal

For more information : 514 982 6606 x. 2244

Lemon Chill – Sentant – “Reflections”

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on NYC’s electronic, nu-disco, synth-loving DJ/production duo, Holy Ghost! (Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel) Highly influenced by late 70s, early 80s synth music, the album is already on my best of list along with Beth Ditto‘s Ep!) Their highly addictive, danceable debut, self-titled album will be released Tuesday, April 5th in North America on DFA Records.  The same day that they will be in town opening for Cut Copy @ Club Soda (1225, boul Saint-Laurent) !  A show and album not to be missed (synth aficionados will surely dig these sounds and beats!  We sure did @ MMA! ) Some serious old/new skool jams burning up our MMA dancefloor! This one is going to be a spring/summer album in heavy rotation!

file under: nu-disco, electro, synth-pop, Italdisco, alternative dance, new wave, funk

If you dig Holy Ghost! check out some the musicians who have influenced them:  New Order, Giorgio Moroder, Italian electronic musician/producer, ALexander Robotnick, soul/ disco singer Sylvester, Pet Shop Boys, Human League, LCD Soundsystem, Rick James to name a few…

Holy Ghost!‘s debut has a few guest appearances from the likes of Juan MacLean, late drummer Jerry Fuchs, Luke Jenner of The Rapture, Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, and Michael McDonald on album closer, “Some Children”

Songs played : “Hold On,” “Hold My Breath,” “I Will Come Back,” and “Static on the Wire

I Will Come Back, is pretty much a shot-for-shot remake of New Order‘s “Confusion” video, including Arthur Baker reprising his role from the original. The song is included on excellent “Static on the Wire” EP, released on the 18 May 2010 and on the self-titled Lp!

Hold On – Live

Democracy Now Headlines

Zoreen’s Medical Report, interview with nutritionist, Ella G. from CSSS Cavendish / CLSC René-Cassin.

Esther B‘s interview with with Joseph Sannicandro who spoke about his with Lost Children Net Label.
Case study about a label growing up in a space where economy and social territories are not easily defined.  We highly recommend checking out the great music on their website!  Lost Children Net Label releases are digitally distributed through and under a  Creative Commons by-nc-nd 3.0 license and are as such free to share.

Faravelliratti – Con Fuoco d’Occhi un Nostlgico Lupo – Saw Dust

(The title comes from the poem “Con Fuoco” by the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti.)

Black Swan – (In 8 Movements) – Part I

Le lendemain de la veille 24 mars

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7:10Chronique des apatrides anonymes de l’émission En profondeur: Le plan d’action frontalier, un accord récemment conclu entre le gouvernement du Canada et celui des États-Unis qui abolirait la frontière canado-américaine. 

7 :20 – Chronique cinéma par Justine et Marie : Discussion en lien avec le cycle La Nouvelle Vague et le cinéma direct québécois à la Cinémathèque

7:48 Jade nous parle de cabanes à sucre.  Ses suggestions:

– Cabane Philippe et Hélène Laporte
Cabane à Pierre
Sucrerie du terroir
– Érablière du sanglier

8 :01 – Manchettes des nouvelles de Democracy Now

8 :17 – Chronique vélo par Cam:

Vélo à acheter ou à faire réparer?  Voici ses recommandations:

ABC Cycles
Le Yéti

Idées d’excursions près de Montréal:

– L’île des Soeurs
L’arboretum Morgan

8 :30 – Chronique culturelle de Marie-Andrée :


– Événement Fais-moi la poésie
– Revue de poésie EXIT


Radio: Une enfance pour la vie, série d’émissions et livre aux éditions Bayard
Télé: sur Évasion
Fabrique-moi un conte


– Journée mondiale du théâtre le 27 mars
Le Quartier! activités gratuites à la Place des arts
Le costume neuf de l’Empereur du Théâtre de l’Utopie
Ronfard nu devant son miroir à l’Espace libre
Les creux d’un rêve au Théâtre La Chapelle
Sympholium 2011 de l’UdFou

8 :50Marc dit merci et bonne fête a Landriault, organisateur des Soirées du maître chanteur


7:04 – Le roi poisson: Mon robot

7:16 – Misteur Valaire: Gumshoe de l’album Golden Bombay

7:44 – Thomas Fersen: Pégase de l’album Le pavillon des fous

7:59 – Les ékorchés: 4 démons de l’album Frères de sang

8:15 Richard Cheese: Loser

8:29 – Marianne Trudel: Rires sur la grève de l’album Espoirs et autres pouvoirs

8:49 – Atomic 5: Iceberg

8:53 – Duo Paquin-Landriault

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