Wednesday Morning After – February 23

“Wednesday week, Wednesday week, Wednesday week Oooooo….”

This morning on the Wednesday morning after:

7:15 Mercedes’s Stories on Helping People
The background music:–LMnx0

*next week Mercedes starts two new regular segments
(7:15a.m. regular segment on the psychology of love
8:45 cinema segment)

7:25 Story Time: The Lives of Writers
Tonight at Brutopia It’s All Talk with Asaf Gerchak
“The best talk show since sliced bread had that talk show.”
Tomorrow night No One Helped Me at Drawn and Quaterly
and earlier this week Nicolas Dickner talked about his relation to the “west coast hipster” and Douglas Coupland at Bain Saint Michel. Here’s the review on Rover.

7:30 jhr radio
This week a recording from a night of human rights poetry event
You can listen to the episode at jhr Concordia’s blog.
The episode features Laurence Tenenbaum, Emrical Ricardo L’amour Blaise, Larissa Andrusyshyn and John Asfour

7:58 “Stamp” Rural Alberta Advantage

8:00 Democracy Now!

8:10 “Having My Baby” Think About Life

8:15 Bike Report with Tom!

8:20 Montreal Burger Report
Episode 94: La Paryse (Part One)

8:40 Stuart Hall gallery series part 5
The Final Episode

8:58 “Chinatown” Destroyer


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