MMA February 21, 2011


Aeroplane Trio – “Crow’s Nest” from the album Naranja Ha

Theme song : Ulrich Schnauss –  “Monday Paracetamol” from A Strangely Isolated Place

Kent – “Things She Said” from the album Isola

The National – “Guest Room” from the album Boxer

Suisse Modular – “Eclipse” from the album Fly Me to the Lunar

Thievery Corporation – “A Guide for I and I” from the ep Shadows of Ourselves

We decided to play some more Thievery Corporation “The Glass Bead Game” and “The Foundation” from the album Sounds from the Thievery hi-fi

Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Radiohead‘s latest, the excellent, King of Limbs:

“Bloom,” “Codex,” “Morning Mr Magpie,” “Separator,”  “Lotus Flower,” and “Give Up the Ghost”

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peek-a-Boo from the album “Twice Upon a  Time/The Singles”

Rolf Julius – “Layer of Music” and “Morning Song”

7:30 Zeke’s Alternative Art Rant // Yulcrit aka Montreal Milieu

7:42 Sabrina’s Secret Stash on Radiohead’s new release, The King of Limbs

8:00 Democracy Now Headlines

8:15 Zoreen + Cricket Report / Special Mental and Health Fitness

Interview with Ella Amir (AMI – Quebec)

8:37 Nicolas’ Bike Report

8:45 Esther’s Sound Art Segment on Rolf Julius


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